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Just 3 simple steps to having your new tyres
supplied and fitted by Hometyre mobile tyre fitters...

1. Choose your tyres 2. Choose your preferred date and time of shipping 3. Sit back, relax and wait for us to come to you

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Excellent service once again from Mark...

Andrew Lee (Mobile Tyre Fitting Pulborough) - 24/09/2018

Very professional and friendly service...

Daniel (Mobile Tyre Fitting Brighton) - 22/09/2018

Very professional and friendly service...

Daniel (Mobile Tyre Fitting Brighton) - 22/09/2018

Your Local Mobile tyre fitting service around Pulborough, Petworth & West Chiltington.

Hometyre are currently offering DISCOUNTED prices if ordering 2, 3 or 4 tyres.

Tyres in Pulborough, Petworth, Coldwaltham, Heath End, West Chiltington, Steyning & surrounding areas, supplied & fitted by Hometyre Sussex..

We are a friendly local mobile service who come to you at your HOME or WORK. Why go to a tyre depot when Hometyre Sussex comes to you at no extra cost - Saving you time and money?

New Tyres

We can supply and fit new tyres to Cars, 4x4's, Vans, Caravans, Motorhomes & Horse trailers up to a 24" rim size, including runflat tyres.

Our tyre costs are fully inclusive of: Mobile fitting, electronic wheel balancing, a replacement rubber valve or diagnostic check if TPMS valves are fitted, old tyre disposal and VAT. We have no hidden extras, unlike some of our competitors!

Tyre 14_1

We have 1000's of tyres available including premium brands such as

Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Pirelli.

Mid-range brands such as Maxxis, Toyo, Avon, Firestone, Autogrip and Nexen, we also have a large selection of budget tyres, as well as branded tyres for Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Ferrari, Bentley, etc.

Choose tyres online or for advice on the best tyres for your vehicle - give us a call. For more information click here.

Winter to Summer tyre swap overs.

If you already have winter tyres, you can advance book Hometyre to swap them back to Summer tyres for you. As part of the change, we fit a new rubber valve or check the pressure sensors if fitted.

Runflat tyres

Run flat tyres (Run-on-Flat, SSR, RSC, ZP ) are mostly fitted to BMW's & Mini's, but there are some other cars using them such as Lexus, Mercedes, Audi & Ford models. Our mobile service vehicles are equipped with the latest tyre changing machines and are capable of changing all types and size of runflat tyre.

Runflat tyres are are not designed to be repaired, plus they require a working tyre pressure sensor system. If you have sensors inside your wheels, then you should have the sensors serviced when the tyres are changed, otherwise the rubber seals can crack and leak.

4x4 tyres

We have 2WD, 4WD, UHP, A/T,landrover defender on road & off road tyres.

I have replaced 4x4 - 16" tyres on a Suzuki Jimny up to 22" tyres on a Range Rover Inchscape.

Take a look on our website and input your tyre size, then click the 4x4 button to see the tyres we have available and their cost. Don't see the tyre you want, or need something special? Then give us a call, we have other wholesalers across the country.

When replacing 4x4 tyres you should always consider changing them in pairs. as if there is more than 4mm difference on the same axle, it can cause damage to your vehicles differential.

Specialist tyres

I have worked on a number of vintage and classic cars, such as old MG's, Lanchester's, E type Jaguars, a Daimler, a TVR, an Austin Morris 10, a Morris 1000, MGB's as well as more modern kit cars, Morgan plus 4's, beach buggies, saloon race cars, a Ford Capri, a Triumph Dolomite, Maseratti's, Lambourghini's, Ferarri's, Aston Martin's, Corvettes, Mustangs, Cadillac's, an AC Cobra, Bentley's and Rolls Royce's.


Some cars with wire wheels require inner tubes, others need crossply tyres, and some use white wall or white branding, there are also Contiseal and Contisilent tyres. Call us if you have any special requirements.

Additional Hometyre Services :

Wheel lock nut removal


Have you found your lock nut removal key is missing, or have you lost or broken your own key. Give us a call at Hometyre, we have a specialist tool only available to the motor trade. This is designed to remove all types of lock nut without damaging the alloys, including, McGards, nuts with revolving collars, hardened nuts, domed nuts and the new spinning nuts.

Don't waste your time with reverse thread removers and don't hammer a socket on as this will not remove the nuts mentioned above. Plus you may damage the lock nut head, or leave the socket jammed on and then even our tool will not work. Over the last 10 years I have removed over 500 different locknuts without fail.

Laser wheel alignment (Tracking)


Our Hometyre vans carry the latest Supertracker laser wheel alignment equipment, with this we can check your vehicles alignment and compare it to the manufactures settings. If your vehicle is out of alignment, then we can adjust it back to the correct figures.

A correctly aligned vehicle will handle better, it will give better tyre wear and it can improve fuel economy. It is recommended to have a vehicle tracked every 10'000 miles, once a year or when having new tyres fitted.

We can do both 2 wheel and 4 wheel alignment. For more information on alignment click here.

Tyre pressure measuring sensor valves (TPMS)

Many vehicles are fitted with TPMS valves, these have a life span of 5 to 7 years, also the valve stem can suffer from Galvanic corrosion and become brittle causing it to snap off. From January 2012 all newly registered vehicles fitted with TPMS sensor valves must have them working to pass an MOT

tyre pressure sensor light

We at Hometyre specialise in the supply and fitting of TPMS valves for you at prices that beat most main dealers. In some cases we can repair the existing Sensor valves. We also have a diagnostic tool to ensure any new valves we produce are correctly paired with your cars computer. If you are having new tyres fitted, then it is recommended to have your TPMS valves serviced, otherwise the rubber seals harden and can leak. For more info click here.

Caravan, Motorhome and Trailer TPMS systems, tyres & Tyron bands.

TPMS - Hometyre can now install atpms_monitor complete professional TPMS system into your Caravan or motorhome giving you peace of mind when travelling as it will warn you of any pressure or temperature problems as soon as they occur. Sensors are installed inside every wheel and these are wirelessly coupled up with a dash mounted monitor.

Tyres - Hometyre Caravan tyres specialise in replacing Leisure vehicle tyres. We have Extra load, Reinforced, 8 Ply, Light commercial and Camper tyres, available.

No need to take your vehicle to a tyre depot, when we come to you at home, a storage area or even at a camp site.

Tyrons safety bands - We can even remove & refit Tyron bands if you already have them, or supply and fit new ones if required, as we are trained and recommended by Tyron UK as one of their main suppliers and fitters, not many tyre depots can say that.

Alloy Wheel repair

With all the potholes around at the moment,

cracked alloy

many people are finding that not only have they split a tyre but they have also cracked an alloy wheel.

A new wheel can cost £200 ~ £400 plus it can take days / weeks to source.

A service we at Hometyre Sussex offer is having the wheel repaired. Welding alloy wheels is a specialist job not something that can be carried out by a normal steel welder.