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Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)


Mobile tyre fitting around Havant & Emsworth

Hometyre Sussex your local mobile tyre service

Hometyre are offering MONSTER DISCOUNTS on orders of 2, 3 or 4 tyres.

Hometyre supply and fit most makes & size of tyre as well as run flat, high performance & 4x4 tyres.

We cater for car tyres, van tyres, classic car tyres, caravan tyres, motorhome tyres and trailer tyres.

A Local Mobile Tyre Service - at NO extra cost!

Tyres can be fitted where & when you want around Havant, Emsworth & Rowlands Castle.

Book an appointment for a time that suits you and our state of the art mobile service van and fully trained technician will arrive and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of replacement tyre.

15 minute time slots at no additional cost. What could be easier?

If you have TPMS valves (Pressure sensor valves) then you should let us also service the valve at a small additional cost.


Winter tyre to Summer tyre swap overs.

The snow and frosts have gone, temperatures are rising, now is the time to arrange for Hometyre to come to your home and swap your winter tyres over to summer tyres. While changing the tyres we will replace any rubber valves (or carry out a TPMS diagnostic check) and re-balance the wheels before refitting them to your car.

Runflat tyres

Hometyre can supply and fit Run flat tyres up to a 24" rim. Our vans are equipped with the latest tyre changing machinery, which can easily handle these difficult tyres.

Runflats, Run-on-Flat or SSR tyres are currently fitted to many Mini's, BMW's, Fords, Mercedes & Lexus vehicles. To have these tyres you must have some form of TPMS system fitted.

Freelander 4 LP_2

4x4 Tyres

Hometyre have access to a vast range of 4x4 tyres: On road, Off road, 2WD, 4WD, A/T, AWD & UHP.

The latest high performance vehicles such as the Porsche Cayenne, BMW X Series, Audi Q Series, Mercedes M Series, Range Rover sports, Inchscapes, Freelanders, Kia Sportages, Dacias, etc, are usually fitted with UHP tyres, these are designed for 95% road use and are of little help off road. We also have the more serious knobbly tyres for those who venture off road.

Be advised that on a 4x4 you should change both tyres on the same axle at the same time, otherwise you may damage your vehicles differential, if more than 4mm difference in tread depth.

Specialist tyres for classic & vintage vehicles

DolomiteDo you own a Classic, vintage, or veteran car, these vehicles often have special tyre requirements or they can be fitted with wire wheels requiring inner tubes. Hometyre Sussex has plenty of experience of working on these special vehicles and will ensure the right tyres are fitted.

Where possible stick on weights will be used on the inside of the wheel when balancing, as nothing looks worse than a chromed wire wheel with hammered on steel weights.

I have worked on a number of specialist vehicles including: Austin 10's, Lanchester, Morris 1000's, MG Midgets, Citroen 2CV's, Capri's, MG BGT's, Morgan Plus 4's, Jaguar E Types, American Cadillac, Corvette & Mustangs, Beach buggies, Kit cars, as well as a number of more modern supercars: Maseratti's, Aston Martin's, Lotus, Lambourghini's, Ferarri's, plus Prestige cars like Rolls Royce & Bentley.

Caravan & Motorhome tyres

Spring is here, many caravan and Motorhome owners are preparing their vehicles ready for the camping season. Tyres on these vehicles should be changed every 5 to 7 years without fail, regardless of the amount of tread remaining.

We at Hometyre specialise in changing these tyres, as well as removing and refitting Tyron safety bands.

We are recommended by Tyron UK as one of their main suppliers and fitters. I have seen Tyron bands incorrectly fitted, with bits missing, bands fitted upside down and with valves being squashed. I personally have been to the Tyron HQ for additional training with their products, so you can be assured they will be fitted correctly.

Locking Wheel Nut Removal / wheel lock nut removals


Have you lost or damaged your locking wheel nut 'Key' (Adaptor), don't panic -give Hometyre a call!

Our Mobile service vehicles carry specialist tools that can remove most types of locking wheel nut, without causing any damage to your alloy wheels.

Don't wait until you have an Mot Failure and are stuck in the garage, or have a puncture when you are out on the road - as you could find yourself stuck far from home - unable to remove a wheel.

Unlike some garages that charge by the hour, we just charge a one off set price.

In the last 9 years I have removed over 500 locknuts without fail.

For more info click here or call the Hometyre team now for help and advice.

Alloy wheel welding

Have you hit a pot hole and cracked cracked_alloyan alloy wheel?

We at Hometyre sussex have a specialist alloy wheel welder who can fix your wheel for a price that can save you hundreds of pounds compared to buying a new wheel.

One customer was quoted £564 for a new Mercedes wheel, we saved him over £450 by having the wheel repaired.

Tyre pressure monitoring sensor valves (TPMS)

TPMS valves

These valves are now fitted to most new cars since Jan 2012. They also became part of the MOT system and they must work to pass the MOT.

These valves break due to Galvanic corrosion where the stem of the valve can snap off or they can also fail due to battery life. (The batteries only last for 3 to 7 years and are not replaceable).

Hometyre specialise in working with these sensor valves and can replace or in some cases repair them for you at prices that beat most main dealers.

When having a new set of tyres fitted you should have the TPMS valve serviced as the rubber seals harden and can cause slow leaks. We carry a full set of different TPMS parts in our van and can service your valves.

We also carry in our van diagnostic equipment that can check these valves and if necessary we can clone a new set that will match the originals and will work happily with your cars computer.

For more info click here

Puncture repairs

Hometyre can carry out a permanent repair to your tyres to British standards, should you get a puncture in the


central 3/4 of the tread area. Punctures in the sidewall or on the shoulder of the tyre are un-repairable. We repair the hole with a plug patch, which should last the life of the tyre.

We can even carry out repairs to Conti seal tyres, which most tyre depots refuse to fix.

image_11 NHS Benefits.

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As always, superb service from Mark/Hometyre. Rapid delivery and fitting, and at a very competitive price. I regularly recommend your company.

Nick Maslin (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 22/05/2018

Mark was excellent, very professional, friendly and efficient. Will definitely be a returning customer if I need tyres again.

Kerri Granger (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 22/05/2018

Excellent service. Mark was great and helpful with advice. Only quibble would be the amount of time it took to do the job, three days Friday to Monday. Yes your staff are...

Patrick Hunter (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 17/05/2018

Very pleased with the service we received from Mark, i would have no problems recomending your company to anyone. Thanks Alan

Alan Chappell (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 16/05/2018

a very friendly and professional job would recommend to friends and family

Michael Bilyard (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 12/05/2018

Good service fitter was running a little late he rang explained why agreed a revised time tyres fitted polite courteous professional service

Michael Wright (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 07/05/2018

Prompt excellent service

Michelle Gale (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 05/05/2018

Service very good and on time. Had 2 new Hankook front tyres. Price a little higher than where i sometimes go in town but thats fair enough for the convenience. i was charged £12...

Graham Ainsworth (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 04/05/2018
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