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Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)

Call Now:
01273 803083

0800 783 9310

0333 444 5454
(Mobile Friendly)


Mobile tyre fitting - Midhurst

Your local MOBILE tyre fitting service, coming to your home or work at no extra cost (Why go to a garage and waste your time. When you could have us come to you ?).

COMPETITIVE PRICES WITH TYRES FITTED AT HOME - At the moment we have Monster discounts if you order 2,3 or 4 tyres. Call us on the free phone number - there's no better way to buy your new tyres in Midhurst.

Hometyre supply & fit most tyre makes & size including RUNFLAT TYRES, HIGH PERFORMANCE TYRES, COMMERCIAL TYRES, 4x4 TYRES & CAMPER TYRES.

We cater for car tyres, van tyres, light commercial van tyres, trailer tyres, classic car tyres, and for the leisure vehicle enthusiasts - Caravan and Motorhome tyres, including the supply & fitting of TYRON BANDS.

Our tyre prices are fully inclusive of:

  • Mobile fitting
  • Electronic balancing
  • Replacement rubber valve
  • VAT
  • Old tyre disposal
Book an appointment at a time to suit you (Including some evenings and weekends at no additional cost).

What could be easier? And it doesn't cost any more than going to a fixed site dealer.


New Tyres in Midhurst - supplied and fitted at your location at a time and date that is convenient for YOU!

Hometyre can supply and fit most major makes including Michelin, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Bridgestone & Pirelli.

Mid-range tyres such as: Avon, Firestone, Toyo, Yokohama, Maxxis & General Grabber.

Plus budget tyres like Event, Autogrip, Primewell, GT Radial, West lake, Gerutti, Sunitrac, etc.

We also have, runflat, winter, all season and crossply tyres. If you have TPMS valves then you should let us also service the valve at a small additional cost.

Don't see the make of tyre you want? Give us a call, as we have a number of major wholesalers across the country.

We can also supply and fit Original Manufacturer tyres for Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Audi & Mercedes, exactly the same as from any main dealer..

Winter to Summer swap over

Warmer weather is on the way, we at Hometyre can come to you to swap over your tyres. That way you don't need to take your dirty tyres in your car to a tyre depot. Replacement rubber valves will be fitted (or a TPMS diagnostic check), plus wheels will be re-balance before refitting.

Runflat Tyres

If you own a BMW, Mini, Lexus, Audi, Mercedes or Ford, you may well have runflat tyres, (SSR, RSC, Run-on-flat).

We at Hometyre can easily change runflat tyres using the specialist equipment in our vans.

Any vehicle fitted with runflat tyres, must have some form of tyre pressure sensoring, either direct with sensor valves or indirect through the ABS system.

If you have direct sensors (Sensor valves fitted inside the wheel) we at Hometyre can diagnose them and replace any that fail, or carry out a service to the stem and seal.

4x4 Tyres

4x4 tyres

There are a vast range of tyres available for 4x4 vehicles, depending on the type of driving you do. Most new 4x4's are supplied with a Ultra High Performance tyre (UHP) designed for 80% road and 20% off road use. Should you be the type of driver that often goes cross country or drives down country lanes, then you may require a different type of tyre.

We have access to AT, UHP, 4WD, AWD, M+S, etc. If you can't see what you require on our website, give us a call to discuss the best option for you.

We can easily deal with large tyres on rims up to 24".

Caravan & Motorhome tyre fitting in Fareham


We specialise in the fitting of tyres for leisure vehicles. No need to take your vehicle to a tyre depot, when we can come to you at home, storage area or even a campsite.

We have 8 ply, reinforced, extra load, light commercial and camper tyres available from many different manufacturers.

We can also remove and refit Tyron bands if you already have them, or supply and fit new Tyron bands should you require, as we are recommended and trained by Tyron UK.

Tyre pressure monitoring sensor valves

Since January 2012 all new cars must have some form of Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, some work using the ABS system others use a sensor valve built into the wheel.TPMS_unit_fitting

The sensor valve type only have a 3 to 7 year lifespan, once they fail they must be replaced to pass the MOT (Vehicles first registered after Jan 2012)

Hometyre can change these sensor valves at prices that beat main dealers. We can even programme and replicate new TPMS valves so that they will communicate with your cars computer.

For more info click here

Locking Wheel Nut Removal Midhurst

If you have lost or damaged your locking wheel nut removal 'key', Hometyre have specialist tools to remove all types of Lock nut without damaging your wheels. We can even remove the hardened chromed nuts, ones with the revolving collar, spinning nuts, Macguard nuts, as well as domed Jaguar and Landrover nuts.

Most of the cheap store bought reverse thread removers will not work on the type of nuts mentioned above, plus it you do attempt to remove them and damage the head, then even our tool may not work.

Once we have removed your old locknuts, you may need to purchase replacements. Our technicians can advise you accordingly.


Laser Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment (tracking) is something that should be carried out on your vehicle every 8 ~ 10'000 miles, or at least every time you have the tyres changed.

This is because the tracking can move out of alignment through wear and tear on the suspension, also if you hit any potholes or kerbs.

An AA check found that almost 80% of vehicles on the road have bad tracking. This causes uneven tyre wear, higher fuel consumption and bad handling.

Does your vehicle pull to one side, is the steering wheel on an angle when driving in a straight line, or can you see bad wear on the side of your tyre, all of these could point to your tracking being out.

Vibration through the steering wheel at around 70mph is not tracking, this is wheel balancing and is something we can also fix.

We at Hometyre have the latest Supertracker laser alignment equipment, and can carry out a tracking check and adjustment at your home or work, bringing your vehicle back to the recommended factory settings.

Electronic Wheel Balancing

Our Hometyre vans are equipped with very sensitive, calibrated wheel balancing machines. Once your tyres are fitted, we balance the wheel to equalise any uneven weight that causes vibration through the steering wheel at speed. With alloy wheels we add stick on weights to the inside of the wheel, with steel wheels we add clip on weights. 

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Very pleased with the price and service offered. Good communication and a friendly competent fitter sent out to fit tyres at home. Would recommend and use again.

Dave (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 21/02/2018

Excellent service and I have recommended them to all my friends

Mike Brunt (Mobile Tyre fitting in West sussex) 19/02/2018

Always a good service happy thank you

Charles (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 18/02/2018

Prompt and efficient service, very happy with the booking and the work carried out I was told I would receive a receipt by e mail but this never materialised.

David Willis (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 16/02/2018

Needed new tyres on my caravan. Tyron bands fitted when bought new. Caravan dealer not interested, normal tyre shops didn't want to know, Kwik Fit in particular couldn't...

Graeme (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 15/02/2018

Very polite and courteous staff. Quick response time and competitive prices. Very professional. I would definitely recommend and would happily use again.

Hannah Goose (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 13/02/2018

I thorough recommend Hometyre they were fairly priced punctual and delivered a professional service I will definitely be using them again

Tracy (Mobile Tyre fitting in West Sussex) 12/02/2018

Dear Hometyre, Thank you for the invoice and tyre report. The service was excellent. Regards Alan

A Fairbairn (Mobile Tyre Fitting in West Sussex) 08/02/2018
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