Wire Wheel Balancing | Wheel Balancing on Classic and Vintage Cars

One of this weeks jobs was a Jaguar E type with wire wheels. The owner had bought the car a year ago, the body was in excellent condition having been restored, but there were problems with the engine. He took it to a Jaguar specialist, who after checking it said that it needed a full engine rebuild.  The work took almost a year to complete as some new parts were required and these proved difficult to source. Prior to starting the engine rebuild the owner had new tyres fitted at a specialist place in Hampshire.

Now that he had the car back he took it out for a test drive and found that he was getting bad vibration once he reached 60 MPH, after checking with his mechanic he recommended that the wheels needed re-balancing. The owner felt that since it was almost a year since the tyres had been fitted and since he felt the original company hadn't balance the wheels correctly, he didn't feel confident going back to them so decided to look for another company. He searched the internet and found us at Hometyre, this showed that we had balanced wire wheels previously, so he engaged us to come and re-balance the wheels.

I arrived at his home and he showed me to the car. After a quick discussion about the correct jacking points on the car, I went ahead and loosened off the central spinning lug nut on each wheel, I then jacked up the car and removed each wheel in turn taking them into my van.

The wheels are put onto our electronic balancing machine with double cones to ensure the wheel runs true. This showed the following out of balance errors:  Wheel 1 was 10g, wheel 2 was 50g, wheel 3 was 25g and wheel 4 was also 50g. I was able to correct these errors by hiding sticky weights on the inner edge of each wheel, that way they are not seen from the outside. Once complete the wheels were put back on the car and the central nuts hammered back on. 

The customer was then going to take the car out for a test drive to test the results.



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