Volvo locking wheel nut removal in Hove.

I was called out to remove the locking wheelnuts on a Volvo V50, the customer had lost the original removal key, and needed the wheels off to change the brake pads ready for an MOT.

When I arrived at the job, he told me that he had managed to get one locknut off himself, it had taken him 2 hours and he didn't want to do it again on the other 3 wheels.  He also said that he had bought locknut removers from Halfords, but they did not work.

The locknuts on this car are the new type fitted to both Volvo and Ford models. They have a spinning nut, with a locking device at the bottom, this means that there is not a lot of room around the nut to get at the lock area. Also hammering on a socket or reverse thread device will not work, as the top nut just spins round. 

I could see from the wheel the customer had worked on, that he had a lot of trouble, as he had damaged the alloy wheel quite badly. 


(See top Photo)

My specialist tool, has different heads, dependant on the type of locknut we have to remove. In this case, I have a special Volvo head, which goes over the spinning nut and locates into the lock area, allowing me to remove it.

It took me around 20 minutes to get the other 3 locknuts off, with no damage to the alloy wheels. (See bottom photo)

I then loosened off all the other nuts on each wheel and then tightened them back up using a torque wrench to the correct settings.  All tyres on the car were checked for condition and tread depth. Finally I checked the pressures, and inflated them to the correct settings, before completing the invoice and taking a card payment fron one happy customer.

For more info on locknut removal, click here

Volvo locknut 2_1


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