Two APlus Tyres for a Fiat 500

Fiat 500s are becoming more and more popular, in turn, we are seeing more and more them coming through our hands for new tyres. This lady had booked herself in for two new front tyres as they had worn down to just above the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. She had originally decided on two Michelin tyres but decided against that as she only does a couple hundred miles per month. The tyres would deteriorate with age before they got used to their full extent!

Removing the wheel was a simple process, this was then placed on the turntable where the bead was broken and the old tyre removed. After an inspection of the alloy, the new tyre was then fitted back to the wheel. A full balance and a quick scrub later, the assembly was placed back onto the vehicle. This was repeated for the other side. A simple process!


However, we did notice that one of the alloys was buckled slightly. This was reported to the customer where we advised they take it to one of the local alloy repair specialists.

With everything back on the vehicle, we asked the customer to give it a quick test drive to see if they noticed anything amiss. As usual, everything was perfectly fine and the customer was ecstatic!

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