Slow puncture repair on a BMW in Worthing

A new customer called into Hometyre to ask us to attend to his BMW 1 series as he had a flat tyre.

When I arrived at the job the customer told me that he had just had a new tyre fitted 9 days ago at a well known fast fit centre, but when driving home yesterday the new tyre had deflated.

Punctures are usually caused by an object piercing the tyre, hitting a kerb or pothole and splitting the tyre, a faulty valve or corrosion within the wheel rim.

The customer told me that he had had trouble with corrosion before and asked the tyre fitter to clean up the rim and use a sealer before fitting the tyre. He was assured that they had wire brushed the rim and added a sealer. So he felt this was not the problem and I would find another problem.

A check around the tyre didn't show any objects in the tyre or any splits, the valve was also OK, so I then checked the sealing area using a leak detector and immediately bubbles appeared.

The next step was to remove the tyre from the rim to see what was causing the problem...  I was surprised to find that there was corrosion all around the rim, it had not been cleaned up previously and there was no sign of any sealer having been used.

See photo below…


Because the owner had driven around a mile on the flat tyre, the internal structure had started to break down so a new tyre was needed.

Before fitting it, I used a wire brush on a drill to clear away the corrosion, taking it back to bare metal. Once clean I then added a bead sealer to the area and also fitted a new valve. The new tyre was then fitted and inflated to the correct pressures for the car. The wheel was then balanced and fitted back on the car. Finally I then completed a tyre inspection report, checking all the other tyres as well as the pressures in each. A payment was then taken from the customer using our on board card payment machine before sending a receipt to his email.

The customer took photos of the corrosion and was going to go back to the fast fit centre to ask for his money back, as they had not done the job properly and had lied to him.

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