Pothole damage in Boxgrove near Chichester

One of today's jobs was a Skoda Yeti with a burst tyre. The owner was driving through Boxgrove this morning and hit a pothole which caused the tyre to deflate quickly. The owner left the car at the side of the road, and called us at Hometyre. Luckily we had a slot available in the afternoon and were able to get a tyre from the wholesaler.

YetiI arrived at the site ahead of the customer who was getting a lift back to the car from a friend. While waiting I checked the other tyres for condition, tread depth and pressure. When she arrived, I asked for the car keys and locking wheelnut, I was then able to jack the car up and remove the wheel. A check of the wheel showed that there was no damage to the rim, but there was a split in the tyre. I soon had the old tyre removed from the rim, a new rubber valve was inserted and a new tyre fitted. It was then balanced and put back on the car, with the wheel nuts being tightened with a torque wrench. Once lowered, I then drove the car back and forth to settle it onto its suspension. I was then able to put my super tracker equipment onto the vehicle and check the wheel alignment. It soon showed that the alignment was way off. The correct setting is +1.2, the actual figures were -5.0

I showed this to the customer who asked me to carry out an alignment as there is no point on driving on new tyres, when the alignment is out as it will damage the tyres. It took me a further 30 minutes to loosen the trackrod nuts and make adjustments to bring the vehicle back in line. Once complete I finished off the report and invoice, before taking a payment from the customer. The receipt was then emailed through to the customer.

For more info on wheel alignment click here


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