New wheel rims for a classic mini

A previous customer called me out to fit tyres to his old Mini, he had just bought it recently and was starting to do it up. The car came with steel wheels, which still had good tyres on them. The customer had bought new alloy wheel rims and wanted me to take the tyres off of the old wheels and transfer them over to the new rims. He also wanted me to hide the stick-on balance weights behind the spokes of the wheel so they wouldn't be seen from the outside. This is an easy process, as our balancing machine can be told where to put additional weights to balance out any differences in placement.

I soon had the car jacked up and the old wheels removed, the tyres taken off and refitted to the new rims, the balancing was done and the new wheels fitted back on the car, with a new set of lug nuts.

Should you have an old classic car and need tyres fitting or changing over then give us a call to see what we can do for you.


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