New alloy wheels for a Motorhome in Kingston Gorse

One of this weeks jobs was to supply new alloy wheels for a motorhome, remove the old tyres from the steel wheels and move them over to the new alloys.

The customer came to us as he knew we would source the right wheels for his Motorhome, he wanted wheels with only 5 or 6 spokes to make them easy to clean. We found some suitable wheels and sent him some photos for his approval. He chose the ones he wanted and we ordered them for him.

The wheels were delivered to me at Hometyre Sussex and I then went out to the customers home in Kingston Gorse. His Motorhome is based on a Fiat Ducato and has 215/70 R16 tyres. When I arrived at his home I showed him the wheels before starting.

I then took the keys to the vehicle (This allows me to find the correct tyre pressures using the sticker inside the door frame, plus it stops any alarms from going off when I jack up the vehicle).

I started by jacking up the OSR corner of the motorhome, undid the wheel bolts, removed the wheel and took it into my van. I removed the valve core to deflate the tyre then put it into my bead breaker, to break the seal between the tyre and the rim. Once this was done, it was put on the turntable and the tyre was removed from the steel rim. A new alloy was then put onto the turntable, a new rubber valve was inserted, and the old tyre was then put onto the alloy. It was then inflated to the correct pressure and put onto the wheel balancing machine. It was then spun and sticky weights were added at the points dictated by the machine to counteract the imbalance in the tyre. Once completed the wheel was then put back onto the motorhome and the bolts were tightened to the correct torque settings for that vehicle.

I repeated this process for the other 3 wheels, I checked each tyre for date and tread depth which was recorded on our tyre report. Once complete I was able to fill in the invoice, and take a payment from the customer using our onboard card reader. The receipt is then emailed to the customer along with a copy of the tyre report.

Should you need new wheels, or tyres, then give us a call at Hometyre to see what we can get for you. Call 03334445454.


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