Installing Tyrepal pressure sensors in caravan wheels

Last month one of the jobs I had was to fit tyres to a caravan which was also fitted with Tyron safety bands and Tyre Pressure sensors.

At the time the customer told me that the Pressure sensors had stopped working. This is often the case when these sensors get to around 7 years of age, the batteries inside the sensor has run out of power and since they are sealed units the battery cannot be replaced. The owner told me that he was going to contact the company who supplied the sensors and receiver unit (Tyrepal) to get new sensors, he would then arrange for us at Hometyre to come back out and fit the new sensors.

This week the customer call us up to say he had the new sensors and could we install them. Tyrepal told him that they had programmed the new sensors to his receiver using the code number on it.

I arrived at his address and soon had his caravan jacked up and the 1st wheel removed, once in my van the tyre was deflated and the tyre loosened from the rim. I was able to push the tyre down using a tyron ring. The Tyron bands in the wheel have a special link so that they will fit around the sensor. In these cases, you have to install a tyron band that is 1" smaller than the wheel size to allow for the link.

Once the tyre was pushed down it was then possible to remove the old sensor and install the new one. The tyre was then pulled back up over the tyron band and sensor, it was then inflated to the correct pressure. The Wheel was then put back on the caravan and the wheel bolts torqued to the correct settings. The customer was then able to check the sensor using the receiver in the car. Once he confirmed it was all OK I then got on and repeated the process on the second wheel.

When finished I was able to take a payment using our on-board card machine and send a receipt to the customer by email. Should you need Tyron bands or Tyre pressure sensors installing on your caravan, give us a call at Hometyre on 0800 7839310 (Landline free phone), or 0333 444 5454 (Mobile friendly number).



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