Hometyre Sussex was out fitting tyres in the snow

The beast from the East, dropped a fair amount of snow across Sussex, this did not stop Hometyre from getting out and replacing tyres for customers across the county. Our mobile service vehicle is equipped with winter tyres so we were able to travel around as normal.

I had many customers that week who found that their tyre tread was low, and trying to move on snow was almost impossible.Audi_A5_snow This picture shows an Audi A6, where the customer had hit a pothole, and had burst a tyre.

This was around 6:30 pm and was the last job of the day, which is why there are lights on in my van. The customer wanted a Dunlop sport maxx GT to match the other tyres on the car. After fitting the tyre I also carried out a free wheel alignment check as hitting something solid like a pothole or a kerb can knock the tracking out. In this case the car was well withing the recommended settings and didn't need any adjustment.

Caravan_snow_swift_2 Just because it was snowing, it didn't stop this Swift caravan owner from wanting his caravan tyres changing, as well as having a set of Tyron safety bands fitting. He and his wife use their caravan all year round, so he wanted the tyres changing as they were planning to get away the following weekend, snow or not.

Easter is the traditional time for most caravan owners to plan their first trip, this year Easter is very early, starting at the end of March. So if you are planning to take your caravan out then check your tyres and if they are more than 7 years old, give us a call at hometyre to get them replaced. For contact details click here.


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