Goodyear Asymmetric Tyre for a BMW 3 Series

Goodyear tyres seem to be becoming more popular at the moment, especially with higher performance vehicles. Since the new Asymmetric 5 was launched, Goodyear have been phasing out the Asymmetric 3. As the Asy 3 was an OEM fitment for older BMWs, customers tend to stick with these as they are fantastic high performance tyre. However, it's known that when changing over tyres, you should have the same brand and pattern on the same axle. But when a pattern expires, what happens? Well, we always try our hardest to match up tyre, but when the UK is out of stock and the manufacture isn't making them any more, there isn't much we can do. When it comes to this, we find a tyre that matches the same specifications as the one on the other side. In this instance, the Asymmetric 5 was the best option. It also allowed the customer to upgrade the other side with ease in the near future.


Upon arriving to the customer, we removed the wheel from the car and inspected the puncture to see if it was repairable. Unfortunately, on this occasion the foreign object was too large thus the plug wouldn't seal the hole fully. It was discussed with the customer that the best course of action would be a new tyre.

We broke the bead, inspected the alloy for any discrepancies and carefully fitted the new tyre. After a thorough balance, the assembly was placed back on the vehicle. We also noted that the alignment was off and would need doing in the near future!

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