Citroen DS3 Locknut removal in Arundel

This week a customer in Arundel called to say he had been to a local tyre depot to have a tyre changed and they had used an air wrench on his locking wheelnut breaking it in two. They then told him that they could not get if off and they could not help him anymore.

Being stuck with a bald tyre and a broken locknut, he turned to the internet and found a review for Hometyre, where the person had used Hometyre to remove a locking wheelnut on his Citroen, which had been done successfully. This made him decide to call out Hometyre for his car.

I arrived at his address, where he showed me to his car and the offending locknut, he gave me the keys and left me to it.

I carry a number of different removal tools depending on the type of locknut I have to remove. Once I had taken a look the nut I was able to workout which tool to use. It took me around 20 minutes, but I soon had the damaged locknut off. I was then able to jack the car up remove the rest of the nuts and take the wheel off, once off it was taken into my van where I removed the tyre. the old valve was removed and a new valve inserted. I then replaced the tyre with a new one and inflated it to the correct pressure. The wheel was then put on the balancing machine and spun to show an inaccuracy of 30g. Stick on weights were added to the wheel to counteract the errors, bringing the wheel back to zero.locking_wheelnut_DS3

The wheel was then put back on the car and the bolts were tightened to the correct torque, the car was lowered and the jack removed.

I then checked all of the other tyres for tread depth, the pressures were also checked and corrected. Once complete I was then able to complete the receipt, take a payment using our on-board card reader and give the keys back to the customer. Since we are also members of Check a trade I also gave him a review card to complete.


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