Badly fitted Tyron band caused a valve to split.

Today I had a call from a couple in a caravan where the tyre had deflated, due to a leaking valve. They had called around a couple of tyre depots who were unable to help, especially as the wheels were fitted with Tyron Safety bands. We at Hometyre work with Tyron bands on a regular basis and a recommended by Tyron UK as a supplier and fitter.

I raised the corner stays on the caravan, and jacked it up, then removed the wheel and took it into my van.

To replace the leaking valve I first had to squash the tyre down using a special steel ring we had made for use with our equipment. This exposes the Tyron band which would allow me to remove it. At this point I saw the problem, the tyron band had been fitted incorrectly and it was positioned across the valve cutting into it. I loosened off the tyron band and removed the old valve, I then fitted a new rubber valve into the wheel rim. I then put the Tyron band into its correct position so it was clear of the valve and tightened it back up. The tyre was then pulled back up over the band and inflated to the correct pressure, I then balanced the wheel and finally fitted it back onto the caravan. It was lowered off of the jack, the corner stays were put back down.... job complete.

This shows that it you are having caravan tyres fitted with Tyron bands make sure you use a fitter that knows what they are doing.

For more information on Tyron bands click here

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