4x4 Landrover tyres in Worthing

One of the jobs booked this week was for three tyres on a Landrover Freelander.

The customer had ordered 215/75R16 Continental 4x4 tyres to match one he had replaced a month ago. He had checked availability at the tyre depot he usually uses, but they could not fit his tyres for a few days. Not wanting to wait he went online and found Hometyre, we were available the next day, and we were £15 cheaper, so he booked us immediately.

When I arrived he showed me to the Freelander which had a flat front tyre, he also explained that one of the rear tyres was the spare, which was the wrong size. He bought the car second hand from a dealership about 3 months ago and pointed out to them that the spare was worn out. They agreed to put a new one on for him, but it was only when he came to use it, that he realised it was the wrong size. When I checked the date, it also turned out to be a 15 year old tyre - the Freelander was only 8 years old…. I personally think the dealership just fitted an old part worn tyre.

The customer decided to have 3 new tyres, and keep the one good old tyre as a spare.

I loosened off the locking wheelnuts, jacked up the vehicle, took off the wheel with the flat tyre, took it into my van and removed the tyre from the rim. A new valve was inserted into the rim, a new tyre was fitted and inflated to the correct pressure. It was then put onto the wheel balancing machine and spun, stick on weights were added inside the rim to equalise any inaccuracies. The wheel was then put back on the Freelander, many the bolts were tighten to the correct torque settings. The vehicle was lowered and I then repeated the process on the other tyres, when finished the 'new' spare was bolted onto the vehicle.

Finally I completed the tyre report and invoice, before taking a payment using our onboard card reader.

Should you require 4x4 tyres, give us a call at Hometyre… for contact details click here


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