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New Nexen Tyres and a wheel alignment check on a Ford Kuga in Yapton

A customer who works from home, found Hometyre on the internet and liked the idea of having his tyres changed at home, while he continued working. The rear tyres had been replaced recently, but both front tyres on the Kuga were worn in the centre to the legal limit. This is a sign that they were over pressure. When I asked the customer about pressures, he admitted that he kept them at full load pressure all the time.

Two new Nexen RU1 tyres were fitted to the wheels, which were then balanced and put back on the car.

I then checked the wheel alignment. This vehicle should be set at +1.5 (with a +/- 1.5 tolerance) the actual measurement was +1.7 which is well within tolerance, so no adjustment was required.



Four new Bridgestone Runflat tyres for a Mini Cooper in Wick.

After getting a puncture and driving on


it, the runflat tyre eventually split as the owner of this Mini got home. (See photo - Right)

After checking the rest of the tyres and realising that they were all nearing the legal limit, he called us out to replace all four tyres with new Goodyear ER300 Runflats.

This mini is not fitted with TPMS valves, the tyre pressure measuring on this car works through the ABS system. Which means that we can put new rubber valves in the rims when the tyres are changed. After fitting the new tyres, balancing the wheels and fitting them back on the car, I reset the TPMS system on the dash so it knows that all four tyres are at the correct pressure.

If you need runflat or normal tyres for your car call us at Hometyre, you can then arrange for us to come to you at a time and date that suits you.

Feb_mini_3 Photo Left, show the mini after having two tyres replaced. Time to work on the other side.


Mower tyre fitted at the Wiston Estate near Steyning

Today I was called out to the Wiston Estate, as their ride on mower had a torn tyre.

They already had a replacement tyre, but needed a mobile tyre service to come out and fit it for them. They had tried a few other tyre fitting companies who had been unable to help. They called us at Hometyre and even though this was not the normal job we do, we agreed to go and fit it.Feb_Mower

The rim is only 8" in diameter, which is too small for our machinery, so it was a case of using two tyre levers and changing the tyre by hand. Not the easiest job to carry out, but I soon had it changed and back on the mower.

If you have a tyre job that is out of the ordinary give us a call on 0333 444 5454 we can fit tyres up-to a 24" rim size.


Broken Tyre Pressure Sensor Valve stem on a Peugeot, repaired in Worthing

I was called out to a customer in Worthing with a flat tyre on a Peugeot 407. The AA had come out to the lady roadside and fitted her spare wheel so she could get home. The AA couldn't find any sign of a puncture, so they told her there was possibly a leak from around the rim. She called us at Hometyre and ordered a new tyre.

When I got to the job, I took the wheel out of the boot and when to put some air in it to try to find where the leak was coming from. This immediately showed that the metal valve was split (see photo). This often happens when people fit after market metal dust caps, they corrode to the valve stem, then when they are forced off, they break the stem, for this reason I often recommend to my customers that they use only plastic dust caps.

This car has TPMS (Sensor valves), which is something

Feb_split_valvewe can repair, we carry a vast range of replacement parts for all makes of sensor. I took the tyre off the rim, removed the complete sensor, then took the stem out of the sensor. Located the right part and fitted a new stem with sealing nut, then inserted the completed sensor back into the wheel rim, re fitted the original tyre, balanced the wheel and put it back on the car. I was then able to check the TPMS system to make sure it was all working correctly.

The customer was happy as the sensor parts were cheaper than buying a new tyre.

If you have sensor valves fitted to your wheels and the car is newer than Nov 2014, then they must work to pass an MOT.

For further info on sensor valves click here.


Tyres for Audi A5 S - 19" Pirelli PZero tyres fitted in Hove

Today's customer in Hove blew a tyre on his Audi A5 S, so he arranged for us at Hometyre Sussex to come and change his front tyres outside his apartment.

Since the car had been lowered, I had to start with a jack at the rear, just to get a jack under the front.

Once up in the air, it was a simple tyre change. All other tyres including the spare were checked and inflated to the correct pressures as part of the Hometyre service.

If you need new tyres, give us a call at Hometyre on 0333 444 5454

We also carry out puncture repairs, wheel alignments, Tyre pressure monitoring sensor valves and locking wheelnut removals.



Mercedes E class in Elmer having new Goodyear Runflat tyres fitted

A repeat customer in Elmer called to say he had a sensor light on his dash telling him he had a flat tyre.

Since this car is fitted with runflat tyres it is not possible to carry out a repair, so a new tyre was required. There is no fixed guidelines suggesting you cannot repair a runflat tyre however there is also nothing to say it is totally safe to repair one, therefore we will not carry out repairs to a runflat.

Once I got the wheel off, it showed that the problem was a split on the inner edge caused by an alignment problem that had worn away the inner edge.

After changing the tyre, I then carried out a laser wheel alignment to ensure it was driving straight to prevent this problem happening again.


Should you need new tyres or a wheel alignment, give us a call at Hometyre on

0333 444 5454


Will Brexit effect tyres in the UK?

The dreaded 'B' word... Brexit is almost here, one worry in the tyre industry has been the possibility of tyre shortages from the EU.

Discussions have been had with most of the major manufacturers, who don't see any major impact on medium and premium tyres.

Most budget tyres come to the UK from Asia, these will still arrive as normal.

There could be some differing tariffs but most don't expect them to be greatly different. If trade agreements are not in place, then one possible cost increase could happen if container ships are held up in the docks for longer than normal periods waiting for customs release, as there are additional costs for each day a boat is in dock.

Two unknowns are.... will we still have tyre labels and will tyres still be 'e' marked? At the moment neither of these are known.



New Tyre fitted to BMW 325 in Bognor Regis

A customer in Bognor Regis called our main office for a quotation on a tyre for his BMW 325. We fitted a new Excelon tyre in a 225/40R18 to the vehicle.

This particular 325 was manufactured in 2002 and only had around 90,000 miles on the clock, so it had a pretty easy life so far!


We carried out a tyre inspection and checked the tread depths and tyre pressures of the other 3 tyres, filled out the report and sent it via email to our customer along with their receipt.

Another happy customer back on the roads!

If you need a tyre replacement in Bognor Regis, Littlehampton, Worthing and surrounding areas, call us today!

0333 444 5454


Low Tread in Hove on a Ford KA!

Hometyre West Sussex were called out to Hove last week to fit a single Autogrip tyre to a Ford KA.

This was a repeat customer who we had been out to couple of months ago, the last time we were there we did a routine tyre inspection of all tyres on the vehicle, we found one of them was a little lower than the rest and would most likely need replacing in the next few months.

As a part of our service we will out a Tyre Inspection Report, this gets sent out for the customers reference once the job is completed. Based on the customer's annual mileage and the remaining tread depth on this single tyre the customer received an email reminder to check their tread!

Upon inspection the customer realised the tyre was below the legal limit and needed replacing as soon as possible! With a quick call to Hometyre we ordered a tyre to match the tyres we previously fitted and were out to the customer the next day!


It is important to keep an eye on your tread depths, especially at this time of year! You can check out our guide on How To Check Your Tyres by clicking here!

If you are in Brighton, Hove, Bognor Regis and surrounding areas and your tread is looking a little low, call Hometyre today!

0333 444 5454


Late Night Locking Wheel Nut Removal!

Our head office received a call from a distressed customer in Littlehampton late on a Tuesday afternoon, the customer had called a different company out to remove the locking wheel nuts but had unfortunately been let down.


The customer was stranded on a road, luckily not too far from home, with a flat tyre and no locking wheel nut key. Luckily for the customer Hometyre West Sussex were in the area and we were able to swing by just a couple of hours later to have a look at the wheel. The customer met us back at the vehicle at the agreed time and using our specialist tool we were able to remove the locking wheel nut!

We fitted the customer's spare and got them back on the road!

If you need Locking Wheel Nut Removal in Brighton, Hove, Worthing and surrounding areas just call 0333 444 5454!


Tyres fitted to a Boat Trailer in Worthing

Our team in the office received a phone call from a customer in Worthing, Sussex, who had a boat trailer with tyres in urgent need of some TLC!

The tyres had been on the boat trailer for around 8 years which is way past the recommended age a tyre will need replacing at. The standard life span of a tyre needing replacing through AGE is 5-6 years. In a lot of cases tyres will need replacing sooner than this if for example they are doing a high amount of mileage.

With trailer tyres and caravan tyres one of the most common reasons for replacement is age. If you inspect your tyres you will be able to look for a DOT code, this will tell you when the tyre was manufactured, it will be something like '0417', which means the 4th week of 2017, which would be somewhere around the end of January. If the last 2 numbers of the dot code are pre 2013 it will definitely be worth checking your tyres for signs of ageing, such as cracking in the tread.


We took 2 brand new Event tyres out to the customer and fitted them to their boat trailer, ready for the summer months ahead! Once they were fitted and balanced we took payment from the customer on the card machine on board and off we went!

Another satisfied customer!

If you need replacement trailer/caravan tyres ready for the caravan season, call us today on 0333 444 5454!


VW Beetle - Puncture or New Tyre?

Hometyre West Sussex went out to a possible puncture repair on a VW Beetle in Brighton last week. The customer had run over a nail in the road, there was some building work going on just down the road from their house so we figured they must have picked up a nasty nail!


Luckily for the customer the nail had gone through the centre of the tread and was legally repairable. We always carry a potential replacement on board just in case we are not able to repair the puncture to the legal requirement but if we don't need to use it we are happy to take it away again without charging an extra penny!

Puncture repaired and this customer was back on the roads of Brighton again!

If you get a puncture call us on 0333 444 5454, we can often come out same day to your home or work!


Broken bolt in wheel hub.

Last week I was called out to a Mercedes SLK with a flat tyre. The customer had tried to remove the wheel himself to fit his spare, but found that he could not move the nuts.

We carry better tools than those in the cars tool kit, but even I was struggling with two bolts. I explained to the customer that they had been greatly over tightened and possibly cross threaded as I could only get them to move 1 or 2 mm before they locked up. The car had been to his local garage only a week ago to have new brake pads fitted, and he knew they put the bolts in with an airgun. He needed to get the car back on the road so asked me to continue trying even if it broke the bolts.

I gave them a squirt of WD40 and continued to move the bolts back and forth, at which point one did come out. It was then possible to see the problem, the previous garage had somehow bent the bolt which caused it to jam in place. I continued to work on the second bolt but with the strain of being bent it broke off half way through the nut, leaving nothing to put a socket on, but also leaving the wheel still stuck on the hub. There was not enough of the nut head to even get our locknut removal tools to grip on.

The only option was to drill it out. We started with a 5mm drill and managed to get a hole straight down the middle, the centre of a bolt is softer steel. We then moved onto an 8mm drill, then a 10mm drill. The problem was that now as we neared the edges of the bolt the steel was hardened. It took two 10mm drills before we go the hole deep enough as the first one burned up. We then went up in one mm increments until we got to 13mm at which point the nut head came off, and I was able to remove the wheel. Once the wheel was off, I was able to get an easy-out bolt extractor onto what was left of the bolt and removed it from the hub. It was easy to see that the bolt was badly bent which had caused it to jam against the wheel. The threads in the hub were OK, so all that was needed were two new bolts.

I then checked the tyre to find it had worn right down to the wires, which is why it had deflated (not sure why the garage that replaced the brakes last week didn't see this, as the car had only covered a 3 miles in that time, so the problem must have been visible).

Luckily when we come out to a flat tyre we always opt to bring a new tyre just incase it is required. This was one of those times…. I soon had the old tyre removed, the new one fitted & balanced, then refitted it to the car. It was only held with 3 bolts, and the customer was going to go to Mercedes to get further bolts. Job complete.

We at Hometyre always replace nuts and bolts by hand, then finally tighten them with a torque wrench, this way they don't get cross threaded or over tightened.
Similarly I have been called out to remove locking wheel nuts on two vehicles this week where the locking wheel nut keys have been damaged by over zealous mechanics trying to remove the locknuts using an air gun. Most locking wheelnuts come in a plastic box, on the box lid it states…. 'do not use air guns'. They never learn, and unfortunately the vehicles owner is often left to pay for the removal.
For more info on locking wheelnut removals take a look on our website here.


Puncture Repair on a Citroen 2 CV in Havant

We received a call from a customer in Havant who had a puncture on her Citroen 2 CV.

This Classic Car, called the 'deux-cheveaux' or the 'two horses' in English, was introduced in Paris and was manufactured between 1948 and 1990, this particular one we worked on was manufactured in 1988.

It was originally designed with a very specific brief, Citroen were asked to design a car able to carry four people and a load of 50kg of goods at 30mph. One of the more specific requirements was that the 2CV should be capable of carrying a basket of eggs across a ploughed field without it resulting in a freshly whipped omelette by the end!


The 2CV vehicle has centreless wheels, here at Hometyre we have specific equipment to ensure we can properly balance wheels which are manufactured without a centre hole. This meant that after repairing the puncture for our West Sussex customer we could balance the wheel and get her back on the road safely!

If you have a Vintage Car or just need your Centreless Wheels balanced, call our team to make an appointment today! 

0333 444 5454


Wheel Alignment Done on a Fiat 500 in Brighton

Hometyre West Sussex went out to a customer in Brighton to do a Mobile Wheel Alignment.

The customer had called the office and had a chat with our team about uneven wear on their tyres, they were replacing them far more often than they needed to which was costing much more than they would have liked! One way of telling your wheel alignment is incorrect is when you spot the inner or outer edges of the tyres thinning out, you will notice this if you are checking your tyres regularly!

We suggested popping out to the customer to replace their worn tyres and do a free wheel alignment check to see if this was why they were having problems.


It turned out the tracking on the vehicle was severely out so we put this right for the customer, there are huge benefits to having your wheel alignment checked. The reduced tyre wear will result in longer tyre life which in the end will be much cheaper for you. This will also help with the fuel efficiency of the tyre, again resulting in a nice little saving of pennies! You will also notice improved handling, correctly set alignment will improve the handling, cornering and braking of your vehicle.

If you want a free wheel alignment (tracking) check then just call our team to book in today!

0333 444 5454


Flat tyre leads to a tracking problem.

One of this weeks jobs seemed simple enough when booked. The lady said that she had a flat tyre that had gone down on her driveway, so she suspected a nail or screw in the tyre and was hoping it could just be fixed. When we get a job like this we like to bring a potential replacement tyre with us just in case it can't be fixed, so a tyre was ordered and the job booked for later that afternoon.

I arrived at the address to see the car with one flat front tyre. I got the keys from the customer and soon had the car jacked up and the front wheel removed. It soon became evident that the puncture was caused by the inside edge of the tyre being worn right through to the cords and a small split had formed. This meant that a new tyre was required, it also pointed to a possible wheel alignment problem.

A quick check of the other front tyre also showed that the inside edge was badly worn, and a second tyre would be required. Since I only had the one tyre with me today, I discussed it with the customer and she was happy for me to fit the one tyre today and come back tomorrow to change the other tyre. She also agreed that we should put our laser alignment equipment on the car and check the wheel alignment.


The tyre was soon fitted, a new rubber valve inserted and the wheel was then balanced. While the wheel was off the car I took the opportunity to clean up the tie rod, spray it with penetrating oil and then loosen off the retaining nut. Once loose it was tightened back up, ready for tomorrow. The wheel was put back on the car and the wheel nuts torqued to the correct setting.

I returned the following day with a second tyre, went through the same operation, soon had the tyre fitted and the tie rod nut was loosened off on the second side. The tyre pressures on the rear tyres were checked and corrected, I then drove the car around to settle the suspension before lining it up and putting on the Supertracker gauges. This confirmed my opinion that the alignment was out, as is showed a figure of -7 on the gauge, when it should be set to + 1.2. I then set about adjusting the trackrods, until the settings were correct. The retaining nuts were tightened up, and a final check of the settings before removing the gauges. I then took the car for a quick test drive to confirm that it drove ok, did not pull to either side, and the steering wheel was level.

Once complete, I made up a report, and took a payment from the customer, before emailing the report with receipt through to the customer.

For contact details click here.


20" tyres

Are large wheels becoming the Norm?

It used to be that 20" wheels would pop up on my job list once every 2 ~ 3 months, but recently they have been around almost every week.

Last week for instance:

Monday I replaced two Nexen's on a Landrover Discovery Sport, followed by all four Michelin's with the Porsche N0 Mark on a Porsche Macan.
Tuesday, there was one General Graber on a Landrover Discovery.
Wednesday, saw me fitting two Maxxis on a VW transporter.
Thursday, was one Pirelli PZero on a Jaguar XKR.
Friday, had me fitting four Dunlop Sports to a BMW X5

And finally on Saturday, two Pirelli P Zero Runflats on a BMW X7.

This week didn't show much of a let up with more 20" tyres as well as 22" tyres on a RangeRover Khan.

If you own a vehicle with large tyres, then check our tyre prices, we offer good deals and we come to you to fit your tyres. No need to drive to a tyre depot and sit around a waiting room, when you can stay at home or work and let us take care of your vehicle for you.
We have most makes of tyre, including specific branded tyres for Bmw's, Mercedes, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, etc, as well as runflats, and winter tyres.
For contact details click here.


Brand New Tyres Fitted to Citroen Relay Box Van in Pulborough

Here at Hometyre it's not just cars we offer a mobile service on! 

We also offer home/work fitting for Commercial Vehicles and Caravans!

If you need a tyre changing at your home or work address just give us a call on 0333 444 5454, just like this customer in Pulborough did last week and we can come out at a time and day to suit you!



Wheel alignment on a Ford Mustang in Shoreham.

Today on of my jobs was to carry out a laser wheel alignment on a 1967 Ford Mustang. The owner had shipped the car to the UK from the USA only 4 weeks ago, with the intention of doing it up as a project. When driving it on a straight road, he found that it wandered around and felt very unsettling. He also found that the power steering didn't work properly.

His first job had been to replace the power steering box, which helped greatly, but there were still handling issues. His next job was to have us check and adjust the wheel alignment.


My first job was to check and adjust the tyre to the correct pressures, this alone can cause problems as I found the pressures on one side were 40 psi and the other side were 34 psi. Turn plates are then placed under the front wheels. A steering lock is fitted to the steering wheel to stop it rotating when doing adjustments.

I then checked the car for alignment front to rear by putting the gauges on the rear wheels first, this showed that the rear axle was lined up correctly. The gauges are then moved to the front wheels and it is then possible to check the actual car readings and compare them against factory settings. This showed that the car was set up with toe out, yet this car is supposed to have toe in (+3.1 ~ +6.3).

I set about loosening off the trackrod retaining nuts (two on each trackrod) This then allows a central sleeve to rotate moving the track rods in or out. Using a mole grip on the sleeve adjustments are made using the laser lights to show me the readings on each side. Once correct, the locknuts are tightened back up. All of the equipment is removed and the car is given a test drive to ensure it drives in a straight line.

Once I am happy that every thing is ok, I then complete an invoice and tyre report, then take a payment from the customer.

Should you have a classic car that needs tyres or a wheel alignment, then give us a call at Hometyre. click here for contact details



New Tyres Fitted to Jaguar XF in Rustington

Some brand new Hankook tyres fitted to a Jaguar XF today by Hometyre West Sussex!

The customer called our friendly sales team on Tuesday afternoon and booked in an appointment to have his tyres fitted at his home address at a time that suited him! The job was done on his driveway whilst he sat in the comfort of his own home and got on with his busy day!

If you need tyres fitted at your home or work just call Hometyre on 0333 444 5454 and our team will be happy to give you all the advice you need!



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