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Just 3 simple steps to having your new tyres
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1. Choose your tyres 2. Choose your preferred date and time of shipping 3. Sit back, relax and wait for us to come to you

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Very good service from start to finish with no hidden extra costs. Would recommend this team 

Mobile Perished Caravan Tyre Replacement in Lancing, Sussex - Mrs Hope - 18/05/2022

Hi Mark just to say Thankyou really efficient service 

Mobile Caravan Tyre Replacement in Chichester - Mr Crook - 05/05/2022

Just to say Thankyou for the wonderful service I had yesterday Mark the fitter was first class.

Caravan Tyre Replacements in Bognor Regis - Mr Crook - 26/04/2022

Thank you for such speedy service. You have a very good worker…..very efficient and very polite. We shall use you again. 

Mobile Tyre Replacement in Portishead - Mr Holman - 18/02/2022

Excellent service from the Ashington branch, very good price and quick service arriving on time as promised. 

Mobile Cracked Wheel Repair and Tyre Replacement in Pulborough - Mr Haldenby - 28/01/2022

Mobile tyre fitting Sussex

Mobile Tyres in Sussex. We fit your tyres at home or work, at no additional cost and at a time to suit you!

We supply and fit all tyre makes and sizes including run flat tyres, high performance tyres, specialist tyres & 4x4 tyres.

We have Car tyres, Van tyres, 4x4 tyres, Caravan tyres, Motorcaravan tyres, even Horsebox tyres & Boat trailer tyres. Tyre prices can be found by filling in the details on this page, just input your postcode and tyre size to obtain a list of available tyres and prices, or if you'd prefer you can give us a call on the number at the top of the page.

We fit tyres when you want and where you want. Book an appointment at a time and date that suits you, including selected evenings & weekends at no additional cost by prior appointment.

What could be easier? No hidden extras - our costs include:

  • A new tyre with free mobile fitting
  • Electronic wheel balancing
  • New rubber valve
  • Environmental disposal of the old tyre casings
  • VAT

All work is guaranteed and we supply a VAT receipt directly to your email address upon completion


New Winter tyres or Summer to Winter swaps.

Do you require new winter tyres? Then input your tyre size and click on the snowflake on the left hand menu, to get a list of available winter tyres and their prices. Can't find the tyre or size you require, then give us a call, as we can search other wholesalers through our network.

Remember when fitting winter tyres, you do need to have four, not just two on the driving wheels otherwise you will effect the vehicle handling quite severely.

If you have got your own winter tyres and want them swapping over with your summer tyres, then that is another job we can offer. No need for you to load your vehicle up with four tyres and take them to a tyre depot, when we come to you. We will re-balance them and fit a new rubber valve at the same time.


Puncture Repairs

If you have a puncture then Hometyre can repair your tyre on site provided the hole is less than 6mm in diameter, and is located within the central 3/4 of the tyre tread. Damage to the shoulder and side wall cannot be repaired. Please note, Runflat tyres can not be repaired.

We can also repair slow punctures where the rim or valve is leaking, This is done by removing the tyre, cleaning off any corrosion on the wheel and applying a sealer, before replacing the tyre, valve & then re-balancing it.

Laser Wheel Alignment (Tracking)


Hometyre vans carry laser wheel alignment equipment and have access to alignment data for hundreds of vehicles.

When having new tyres fitted it is an ideal time to have your alignment checked, and if necessary adjusted, to do this properly will take around 45 minutes.

In the long run having your vehicle aligned properly will save on tyre wear, fuel and will improve the vehicles handling.


Hometyre can replace TPMS valves already installed in vehicles where they have failed either due to galvanic corrosion or because the battery has run out. In these cases we will supply original manufacturer replacements. We can generally supply and fit these valves, at prices that are lower than main dealers and we use original manufacturer parts.

Additional Tyres and services available in Sussex
Vintage tyres

Veteran / Vintage tyres (Wire wheels)

Do you have a veteran or vintage vehicle that needs new tyres?

At Hometyre we have experience in fitting crossply and radial tyres with inner tubes on a variety of vehicles, especially those with wire wheels.

Some of the recent vehicles I have worked on include an AC Cobra, an MG Roadster, a Lanchester, a HRG, an Austin 10 and a Morris Minor, an MG BGT and a Ford Capri.

4x4 tyres

We can supply and fit most makes of 4x4 tyre, whether you require 4WD, AWD, UHP, AT, off road or on road types of tyre. Input your tyre size, then click on the 4x4 option on the Left hand menu, to see the 4x4 tyres we have available.. If you don't see the tyres you like, give us a call, as we have other options at different wholesalers.

Or call us to discuss the types of driving you do and we will advise you as to the best tyre option for you.

The equipment in our vans is easily capable of changing tyres on the large Range Rover, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Mitsubishi, Nissan or Toyota vehicles.

Locking wheel nut removals.

Have you lost or broken your locking wheel nut adaptor?

Then call Hometyre, we have specialist tools that can remove most types of lock nut (Including the McGuard variety) without causing damage to your wheels. The photo on the right is a sample of lock nuts I have removed this year. Note: If we do remove your lock nuts, then you will need to find replacement nuts yourself, as the sizes and types vary considerably. Occasionally some lock nuts cannot be removed as they have often been damaged by previous attempts, or have been severely over tightened by an air wrench.

Caravan Tyres and TYRON bands

A Tyron safety band is a mechanical device that is fitted to the wheel once the new tyre has been fitted. It provides caravan tyre users with a limited 'run flat' type effect in the event of a blow out or puncture.
Home tyre technicians have all been fully trained by Tyron UK in the fitting of Tyron bands to caravans & motor caravans. These can be a new fitment with tyres, or a retro-fit, using your existing tyres.

Hometyre are recommended by Tyron to fit their safety equipment. Very few garages are recommended or have the knowledge & expertise to install these bands correctly.

Have you also considered a Tyre pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), as this is designed to monitor the pressures not only in your caravan, but your towing vehicle as well? The system will alert you should any of the monitored tyres lose pressure, giving an early warning so you can safely pull over and check your tyres. See below.

Are you looking for trackday / event support?

Hometyre can provide a number of fully equipped vans for tyre replacement/changing to enable your event to run smoothly. Full or partial days / weekends / bank holiday events can be covered. give us a call to discuss possible arrangements.