It's Heating Up, Time for Summer Tyres!

It's that time of the year again when the morning starts bitter and cold but soon heats up to record temperatures as seen down in Brighton a couple of days ago.

Speaking of temperatures, as the average temperature rises above 7*C, for those who have winter tyres, it is time to start thinking about changing over to you summers. But why is this? Winter tyres have a higher silicone content which means that the tyre stays elastic when temperatures drop below seven. On the flip side, this also means the tyre becomes increasing elastic when the temperature increases resulting in more drag (increased fuel economy) and an increase in wear on the tyre.

More and more people are purchasing a set of winter tyres to ensure they are good to go when the roads become closed due to snow. Especially with our climate being consistently vague, we recommend purchasing a set of tyres to ensure you are able to head out when the weather is too rough for most drivers.


We recently had a phone call from a regular customer in central Sheffield asking for to swap the summers on in place of their Winter tyres. After the customer chose a preferred date and time, we booked her into the diary and waited for the date to roll around.

Upon arrival to the customer, we inspected the winter tyres for any signs of unusual wear, punctures or gashes. Much like most people, this customer did not do much driving during the winter period due to the lockdown restrictions but, the times she did go out, most of the roads were blocked with snow and she was one of the only people to get through! With the low number of miles on the tyres, they still had plenty of tread with no signs of damage. These would then be stored in a cool, dark and dry place ready for the next winter.

After the inspection, the Volkswagen Polo was jacked into the air, the wheels removed, and the beads of the tyres broken in our van. The summer tyres were then re-installed, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine.

The whole process only took and hour and the customer was soon back on the road!

If you're looking at swapping your winter tyres for summer tyres, need a puncture repair or have alignment issues, why not contact us on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to!


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