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Albert arrived punctually at my place of work and gave me a call. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and carried out a professional job. It was the easiest tyre changing...

Callum (Mobile Tyre Fitting Basingstoke) - 03/09/2018

The service was excellent and will use again in future.

J Thondapu (Mobile Tyre Fitting Basingstoke) - 30/08/2018

Just a big thank you to Albert for taking the time and care to do a good job, balancing the wheels on my old car.

Charlie Williams (Mobile Tyre Fitting Basingstoke) - 29/08/2018

Fast Local Mobile tyre fitting in Fleet, Church Crookham, Hook and Odiham - Hampshire



Mobile Tyre Fitting in Fleet, Church Crookham, Hook and Odiham

I offer a personal and professional service - yes, that's me in the picture. I am based here in North Hampshire covering Fleet, Church Crookham, Hook and Odiham and the surrounding areas! You can have me come to fit new tyres or repair a puncture by calling 01256 520630 or 0800 783 9310. If you would prefer you can browse our tyre prices using the tyre selector at the top right of this page. You can even order online and it will still be me who carries out the work!

To choose your tyres simply enter your postcode and tyre size into the tyre selector on this page. This will bring up all the tyres available in your selected size starting with the lowest cost tyre. If you are uncertain about which tyre to choose you can call us to discuss your options. Don't worry, we won't steer you to the most expensive tyre, instead we will ask about your vehicle, typical journey, your driving style and your budget to assist in making your choice

Emergency tyre problem in Fleet?

NEED A RAPID RESPONSE? I regularly get calls from customers who have discovered a flat tyre on their car. I can often attend at short notice. You might be surprised at how quickly I can attend on some occasions. If you have a flat tyre at home or work or even at the roadside give us a call and we will do our absolute best to squeeze you in and get you mobile. Please note that tyre choice is limited for short notice call outs but I will normally have choices for budget, mid range or premium tyres.

It might just be that you have suddenly realised that you are driving on illegal tyres and don't want to compound the problem by driving to a tyre bay, or simply don't have the time because of your commitments.
Well, just pick up the phone and call us for a speedy solution.

At Hometyre, we make having your tyres replaced or repaired in Fleet easier. Our prices are very competitive and combined with you not having to travel or to take time out of your day, you really do save on all counts!

Where's the fun in driving to town to sit in a tyre bay waiting room, waiting for your tyres to be changed? With Hometyre you can get the right tyre at the right price fitted where and when you want.


Tyres for your Car, 4x4, Van, Caravan, Motorhome, Horsebox, Trailer in Fleet

Car & 4x4 Tyres in Fleet

We have a complete range of tyres available for you to choose from so there will be no problem in getting the right tyre for you. We supply tyres from most manufacturers, from premium to budget. I bring the tyres to you and remove your old ones. I just make it easy. Rebalancing and new valves are included in the cost.

When I remove your wheels we will never use an air wrench to release the locking wheel nuts. I will always use a hand tool so that the locking wheel nut key cannot be damaged. Likewise when I remount them, I will always correctly torque your wheel nuts to the manufacturer's setting using a manual torque wrench.


Van Tyres for Busy Tradesmen / Cheap Tyres for your Workhorse in Fleet

Are you a busy tradesperson? We know how inconvenient it is to take time away from a site to have your tyres fitted. Leaving a job costs you money, wastes your time and can affect your relationship with your customer. How many times have you nursed a slow puncture? Pumping it up every morning and evening because you are too busy to deal with it during the day. We are regularly asked to attend building sites, just call us and I will come to you at your site to resolve your tyre problems. A quick phone call and we can make a fixed time appointment allowing you to plan your day.

We have low cost tyres for your workhorse or something more appropriate for your Mercedes Sprinter or Transit Sport.

Caravan & Mobile Home Tyres in Fleet

Most caravans and campervans are checked and prepared for the holiday season with a spring clean and possibly a service but it is quite usual for the wear of the tyres to be ignored. The tyres will do less mileage than a family car and will look ok as the tread depth will not dramatically reduce but as the tyres reach five or more years in age cracking could appear so we are suggesting that you change your tyres after five years. There is a Dot code on the sidewall of the tyre which will tell you which year your tyre was constructed and if in any doubt give us a call on 0800 783 9310 for advice.

Horsebox and Trailer Tyres

Horseboxes and trailers are no different to any other vehicle on the road. All the advice given in respect of motor vehicles and caravans applies here. Always fit tyres that match the specification of the originals supplied by the manufacturers. Match tyres across the axles, if double axle, then match tyres all round. Your spare tyre should be matched as well. Take care with older trailers that may have been fitted originally with cross ply tyres that are no longer available as when a change is required, radials will have to be fitted. If a trailer is converted from cross ply to radial then the radial tyres should only be fitted to safety type rims ( those with a flat ledge or hump on the bead seat).


Seasonal Tyre Swapping in Fleet

Many of our customers have a set of specialised winter tyres for use in the winter months and a set of "standard" tyres for the remainder of the year . The softer rubber on winter tyres helps them grip icy roads, plus the tread is designed to retain compacted snow within the grooves so that when driving over snow the snow in the tyre groove "sticks" to the snow on the road helping you gain traction. Our customers call us in to swap their tyres over at the appropriate time of year. This saves them the hassle of putting a set of tyres in the boot of the car and driving to a fitting centre for the swap to be completed. Don't forget, when you arrive at the fitting centre you then have to sit and await your turn. When we come to you, you are the sole focus of our attention! When you are ready to have your tyres swapped simply contact us by phone or use the "online chat" facility at the bottom of this page. I will come and carry out your tyre swap at the time and location of your convenience.

Additional Mobile Tyre Services in Fleet, Church Crookham, Hook and Oldham

Locking wheel nut removal Fleet

If your vehicle requires a locking wheel nut adaptor to remove the wheels make sure you know where the adaptor is located on your vehicle as it canl be impossible to remove a wheel without it. Hometyre offers a specialist service - if the adaptor is missing or damaged then call us and I will come and release the locking wheel nuts using special tools and advise accordingly. Please note that it may not be possible to release the locking wheel nut if it has been over-tightened previously.

TYRON Band fitting in Fleet & Hook

We are regularly meeting Caravan owners who are concerned on the impact to them and their vehicle if they have a rapid deflation on their journey and our advice is very simple. Have TYRON Bands fitted to your wheels to prevent the tyre leaving the rim in the event of a puncture. Most insurance companies will look favourably if they are fitted so your yearly premium could be reduced. I will come and supply new tyres and fit TYRON Bands or if your existing tyres are in good condition we will just fit TYRON Bands.

Puncture Repairs Fleet and Odiham

If you are unlucky enough to get a puncture don't assume that you will need a new tyre. I can repair penetration punctures of up to 6mm If they occur in the central 65%-70% of the tread area. Of course the tyre will need to be worth repairing (Sufficient tread depth to make it worthwhile and not otherwise damaged). So call us and I can attend to get you mobile. If the tyre turns out to not be repairable I can quickly source a new tyre. Remember not to drive on a deflated tyre as that will definitely render it irreparable.

Whenever I carry out a puncture repair, the repair will meet the requirements of British Standard BS AU159 so that the tyre can still be used in line with its original design specification.

Wheel Alignment / Tracking North Hants

Hometyre vehicles carry laser wheel alignment gauges allowing us to check and if necessary adjust your wheel alignment. If your tyres have abnormal wear this can be due to incorrectly aligned wheels caused by pothole impact or possibly you've had some mechanical work carried out that affected the steering linkages.

Incorrect wheel alignment can result in excessive tyre wear and increased fuel consumption.

HOMETYRE - the easiest way to replace or repair your tyres.

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