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To get the best value for money out of your tyres, having the correct alignment is imperative! Incorrect alignment can cause reduced fuel economy, a reduction in high-speed stability and increases driver fatigue as they constantly battle to straighten the steering wheel. One of the main ways to tell if your alignment is out to check the wear patterns on the tyre. If they're wearing heavily on either edge, then it's a good sign that it does need to be adjusted. Alternatively, if you're driving straight and the steering wheel is off centre then that's also a good indication!


This customer had recently wrestled with a curb in Basingstoke and subsequently the car had been wearing the front passenger (NSF) tyres inside edge quicker than normal. After calling the office and booking in, we headed out to the vehicle on the customer's drive. Before proceeded, a visual inspection was undertaken to see what was happening, if there were any hidden nails and generally how the tyres were wearing. The vehicle was then driven onto small metal plates (turn tables) which would reduce the wear when continually moving the steering from one side to the other during the adjustment of the track rod ends.

After bringing the alignment back to the manufacture's tolerance, the customer was asked to give it a quick test drive just to make sure everything was good to go! Like most alignment corrections, the customer exclaimed how different it was to drive. After a couple of years of the alignment slowly degrading, you would notice a difference!

If you're alignment appears to be out or if you have a vibration at speed, why not send us an email to or speak to one of our knowledgeable experts on 0333 444 5454

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