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Arrived within time frame, quick efficient service. Would highly recommend.

Linda Fry (Mobile Tyre Fitting Birmingham) - 11/09/2018

Very good service Nice guy very helpful

Allan Williams (Mobile Tyre Fitting Worcestershire) - 04/09/2018

Arrived promptly and got straight to work. I have already recommended this service to several colleagues. Would certainly use you again.

Andrew Hanks (Mobile Tyre fitting in Midlands South) 18/08/2018

Winter Tyres - Cold Weather Tyres in Birmingham, Redditch, Solihull and the South Midlands.

At this time of year it's important to make sure your car is winter ready.

Here is a little, but important piece of information for you to consider.

Most likely your car is fitted with standard 'summer tyres' after all most cars are, however an alternative sensible option for the coming winter period is to fit Winter Tyres or as I call them 'Cold Weather Tyres'. Why ? Well because in any condition other than 'warm and dry weather' Cold Weather Tyres will perform much better on the road.

Most importantly the braking distance is substantially longer on damp and wet roads so you want to be in the best possible scenario with Cold Weather Tyres significantly reducing braking distance. Cold Weather Tyres perform more efficiently from a temperature of 7 degrees and below so it won't be long now before we see these temperatures starting to kick in, especially after those clocks go back.

As well as this if the weather does take a turn for the worse and we have some snow then your summer tyres are not going to do the job of getting you from A to B and back again safely or at all.


Although we are still part of Europe, for now that is, many of our European allies find it common practice for drivers to switch to winter tyres and in many cases it is now a legal requirement, we however in the UK tend to simply hope we are going to be OK, and we know how that often works out..

Anyway advances in tread pattern design and modern rubber technology ensure that Cold Weather Tyres provide high levels of grip on all road surfaces, including snow, slush, damp and cold conditions. Yet they offer the same feel the as standard tyres when the roads are dry and clear. So where's the compromise, looks like a win, win.

Cold Weather Tyres are thus recommended for fitment from October until late March to increase your vehicle's grip during the winter period.


So for all your winter support needs be it tyre replacements, tyre swop over's from Summer to Winter or just general advise give me a call on 0121 514 7176 or 0333 444 5454.