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Arrived within time frame, quick efficient service. Would highly recommend.

Linda Fry (Mobile Tyre Fitting Birmingham) - 11/09/2018

Very good service Nice guy very helpful

Allan Williams (Mobile Tyre Fitting Worcestershire) - 04/09/2018

Arrived promptly and got straight to work. I have already recommended this service to several colleagues. Would certainly use you again.

Andrew Hanks (Mobile Tyre fitting in Midlands South) 18/08/2018

Is it still Autumn

It's officially Autumn! While we're all excited for Autumnal walks and Christmas shopping there are some things to watch out for as drivers so I've compiled some Autumn top-tips...

🍁🍂 Leaves - Newly fallen leaves can cause all sorts of driving problems. Damp leaves can cause your car to slip and lose grip, dry leaves can get sucked up under your car and get tightly rammed into tight crevices in the chassis or undercarriage. It’s worth avoiding parking near piles of fallen leaves if you can. On occasion, it’s been known for car’s catalytic-converters to cause them to catch fire.

🌬️ Fog - Make sure your fog lamps are functioning correctly before you leave the house. Your main beams aren’t much help in foggy conditions as they tend to reflect a ‘white wall’ back at the driver. In foggy conditions, keep an eye on your speedometer as fog can distort your sense of speed.

✍️ Preparation - Before you head out, especially on longer trips, make sure your car is fully equipped. Check your fluid levels, tyre pressure, wipers, brakes, engine, and other critical parts. If in doubt, book yourself a service.

👀It’s darker - Yes, a lot of this list is stating the obvious, and for that I apologise. Autumn brings early evening (and early morning) darkness. Darkness impairs vision, and driving with impaired vision is tricky for any motorist. Exercise a bit more caution, especially when driving on unfamiliar roads. Remain extra vigilant for pedestrians and cyclists.

🌡️ Temperature - It’s around now that the temperatures start to drop off a cliff. This means we can expect frost in the mornings and as we move closer towards winter – ice. Make sure your Tyres, brakes and lights are in tip top condition. As things get really cold, there’ll be black ice on some roads, especially minor ones. Black ice often has the appearance of a puddle or may not be visible at all so extra vigilance never goes amiss.

As your tyres are the only part of your vehicle in contact with the road surface you need to ensure these are adequate for the coming conditions. Good tread across the full width of the tyre, 3mm or above would be advisable for the Autumn and Winter driving. Better still switch to winter / cold weather tyres we have a selection for all vehicles and budgets at