Two Winter to Summer Tyre Swap Overs in Gatwick

The weather seems to be changing every day, but, for the better! The roads are starting to warm up and we are hearing more and more birds chirping in the morning. It's finally time to swap the set of Winter tyres for a set of Summer tyres. This customer gave us a quick call and booked himself in for just that.

Upon arrival, we inspected both vehicle's winter tyres to determine any wear issues, punctures or oddities. With the all clear, we jacked up one of the Volvos and removed the wheels. These were then placed onto our tyre removal machine in the van, the bead broken and the summer tyre installed. The customer stored his own tyres outside with a tarpaulin covering them from sunlight. In an ideal world, tyres needed to be stored indoors away from sunlight but, outside is perfectly fine.

The summer tyre was then installed, inflated, balanced and placed back onto the vehicle.

With the first vehicle completed, we proceeded onto the next Volvo. The process was exactly the same but, we did notice the front two tyres were starting to become a little low on tread. Airing on the side of caution, the customer booked himself in for a month's time for a set of four new 205/50 R17 Nexen tyres.

After the job had been completed, we sanitised all work areas, the locking wheel nut and car keys. These were then popped onto the doorstep for the customer to collect. In regards to payment, we gave the customer a quick call and took it over the phone. Normally, we accept card payments via our card machine but, in these unusual times, we don't want to take any chances that might harm others so try to keep human interaction to a minimum!

To book your Winter to Summer swap over, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to today!


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