Three New Pirelli Tyres for a Range Rover Evoque

With the recent weather blowing branches onto the roads, flooding lanes and creating a multitude of potholes, we are being inundated with calls about pothole damage. We recently went out to a customer who had damaged their tyre after hitting a pothole.

As the tyre impacts the hole, the nylon chords in the sidewall rip and allow the inside pressure to push against the thin rubber causing a bulge in the tyre. Whilst driving, the pressure in the tyre increases slightly, this increase can, at one point, can cause the tyre to burst as the rubber can no longer withstand the pressure. Before bursting, the ripping of the nylon chords will have domino effect causing the next one to rip etc etc. We have seen, on some occasions, bulges the extend a quarter of the way around the tyre due to hitting the curb.


We arrived at the customer's house and replaced the tyre using the standard method of jacking the vehicle up, removing the wheel and placing it onto our turntable. The bead was then broken, the damaged tyre removed and the fresh 245/45 R20 Pirelli installed. This was then inflated, balanced and installed onto the vehicle where we torqued the nuts to the correct setting.

During the pre-inspection of the vehicle, we noted that the other three tyres may need replacing at some point as they were down to about 2mm with the legal limit being 1.6mm but with a recommendation of changing the tyres at 3mm. Before departing, we had a chat with the customer and they decided to get booked in as soon as possible. We ordered the same tyres and headed out the next day. As they were still on 2mm, the customer would have been perfectly fine with driving on them for a few more short journeys.


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