Suburu XV Tyre Replacement in Crawly for a Front Line Worker

Despite people doing less and less mileage during the pandemic, we are still seeing routine tyre changes. As this doctor was always on the move, she needed a service that was able to come out to her work during her shift and not distract her from her work.

Upon arrival to the hospital, we located the car at the back of the carpark with the locking wheel nut key hidden under one of the wheels. Before starting work, we inspected all four tyres for any signs of unusual wear, possible punctures and for any signs of the tyre perishing from age.


The car was then jacked up and placed on jackstands. We then removed both front tyres and placed them on the tyre removal machine in our van where we could brake the bead and remove the worn tyres. Before installing the new tyre, we double checked the alloy for any signs of corrosion or damage as this can cause slow leaks. Although the Subaru was nearly eight years old, the wheels were still in really good shape and without signs of corrosion. After inspection, the new 225/55 R17 Nexen tyre was installed, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine. With the new tyre installed, the wheel was then placed back onto the car and the nuts hand tightened. The process was repeated on the other side. After completion, the vehicle was then lowered onto the ground and the nuts torqued in a star pattern to the correct torque setting.

As with all customers during the pandemic, we are taking payments from a safe distance over the phone. Once completed, we sanitisted the work area and the locking wheel nut key which was placed on the customer's door step ready for collection.

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