Burst Tyre Replacement for a BMW 3 Series Touring

During the day, we receive hundreds of calls from across the UK. From Scotland to Brighton. We always endeavour to help as many as possible but sometimes we can't get a tyre in time for the customer. In this instance, a customer called into the main office and asked if we had a tyre available as they had just has theirs blow down a quiet side road.


As this customer was stuck at the side of the road, we called round the local suppliers and luckily, only their exact tyre was available, a Yokohama. If we had not have managed to find their tyre, we would need to order the tyre in and book the customer in for the next morning. The tyre was ordered via a quick call and the customer booked in for later that day at a time that suited them (as they had to get a taxi to work). After completing the morning's jobs, we gave the customer a quick call with an ETA and headed to the suppliers to collect the tyre. Upon arrival, we parked behind the car and turned on the flashing lights to warn other road users. Although not an emergency main-road/motorway service, we can help people who are stuck on quiet side roads. We jacked up the BMW, removed the wheel and placed it in our van. The old blown tyre was then removed and the fresh new Yokohama installed. This was then balanced and given a quick clean. Placing the wheel carefully back onto the vehicle, we noticed the the alignment was slightly out. Before sending the customer off, we popped on the alignment gauges. The alignment was indeed off! Before we adjusted them, we had a quick chat with the customer as this is an additional charged service. The alignment was brought back into the manufactures settings.

If your vehicle is stuck at your home with a flat, needs an alignment or a fresh set of summer tyres, give us a call on 01743 861 183 or send an email to!


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