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Mobile tyre fitting Musselburgh

Are you ready to experience the ultimate service for tyres and tyre related products in Musselburgh?

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Welcome to the Hometyre mobile tyre service. We make travelling to a fixed site for new tyres a thing of the past!

The tyre service that comes directly to your door in Musselburgh!


We fit tyres at a time and place to suit you. Book an appointment to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans and fully trained technicians will replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products....

We come to you and fit all makes of tyres such as Goodyear, Dunlop, Maxxis, Capitol, Pirelli, Avon and many more.

If you don't have the time to leave your workplace, don't want to spend your precious Saturday morning waiting in a tyre depot or maybe you work from home just call us on 0800 783 9310 and we will come to you saving you time, money and hassle.

Run flat Tyres in Musselbrough

If you own a modern BMW or Mini Cooper there is a good chance that it will be fitted with Run flat tyres. Our mobile fleet uses the latest high specification tyre fitting machines so we are able to easily change your Run flat tyres for you at your home or place of work. Just ring 0800 783 9310 to book & there is no call out charge.

Locking Wheel nut removal Musselbrough

If your vehicle requires a locking wheel nut key to remove the wheels make sure you know where it is located on your vehicle. If your car has alloy wheels and was manufactured in the last 15 years it most likely will be fitted with locking wheel nuts. If you take your vehicle for a service that requires wheel removal (for example brake pad replacement) it is well worth remembering to check that the L.W.N. key has been returned to your vehicle when you go to collect it.

If your locking wheel nut key becomes lost or damaged give us a call. We carry specialist equipment for the removal of locking wheel nuts and we can advise accordingly.

Caravan And Mobile Home tyres Musselburgh

Caravan tyres tend to do far fewer miles than the average car and may appear 'almost new' at a casual glance as the tread depth will not dramatically reduce but as the tyres reach five or more years in age cracks can often start to appear. The Caravan Club recommend that caravan tyres are replaced once they are 5 years old and are not used beyond 7 years, advice that we agree with here at Hometyre. On one of the tyre sidewalls can be found a 4 digit number which gives the week & year of manufacture. If in any doubt about your caravan tyres please just give us a call on 0800 783 9310 for some free advice!

Tyron Band fitting Musselburgh

Are you concerned about what might happen to you and your Caravan or Motorhome if you suffer a tyre blow out during your holiday, whether in the UK or overseas? For ultimate peace of mind let us fit Tyron Bands to your caravan or motorhome wheels which will prevent the tyre leaving the rim in the event of a puncture.

Many insurance companies look favourably upon their fitment, so you may even see a reduction in your insurance premium. We can come to you and supply and fit new tyres & Tyron Bands or if your existing tyres are still in good condition we can fit Tyron Bands only.

Puncture Repair Service in Musselburgh

If you are in or near the Musselburgh area, and you suffer a puncture, please do give us a call and we will come and fix the problem as soon as possible. If we are unable to repair the puncture due to serious damage we can source new tyres quickly, getting you back on the road with no fuss so give us a call - there is no call out charge - saving you time and money.

Always try to avoid driving on any tyre that has punctured and gone flat as a result as this will quickly destroy a tyre that otherwise may have been repairable.

Winter Tyre fitting Musselburgh

More and more people are realising the benefits of Winter (or Cold Weather) Tyres and those benefits are certainly not just limited to when there is snow or ice on the ground. In fact any such tyre that has a tread pattern and tread compound optimised for use in the colder months will offer superior performance over an equivalent summer tyre once the temperature drops below 7 degrees C, which can amount to quite a few early mornings for drivers here in the North.

That performance difference also becomes more marked the lower the temperature drops, leading to a much more sure footed feel in all weathers & also shorter braking distances.

If you are one of the increasing number of drivers already aware of the considerable benefits of using Cold Weather (Winter) tyres, then why suffer 2 extra trips to a Tyre Depot each year for your winter / summer tyre changeovers ? We can come to you to perform this service, taking a considerable amount of hassle out of the process.

If you are yet to be convinced of the benefits of Winter tyres (especially beneficial for rural road commuters) just ring 0800 783 93 10 and we'll talk you through the options for your car.

HOMETYRE - the easiest way to replace or repair your tyres.

Hometyre Musselburgh!

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I am a very satisfied customer - both the initial call centre contact and the work itself was carried out efficiently and professionally and both staff members are a tribute to...

David Weatherhead (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 28/09/2018

Just a quick note to thank you for your excellent service. Tony was super super helpful as was the fella who I talked to this morning. Great service, great people. Hope...

Simon (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 26/09/2018

We had prompt and very helpful and friendly service after our caravan had a blowout on the M8 you came and changed both tyres for us when we were on our caravan site and you...

Katrina Rettie (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 12/09/2018

Great service, Tony was excellent. Very happy customer.

Stephen MacNaughton (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 10/09/2018

Amazing service from Tony in Livingston Scotland. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be back if I need it.

Sarah Barr (Mobile Tyre Fitting Livingston) - 31/08/2018

More than happy with the service provided. Will be using again without a doubt.

Richard Boyd (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 29/08/2018

Tony your service is outstanding great to do business with you again and will continue to so in the future Thanks Mike 

Mike Gill (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 27/08/2018

Tony did a great job - he turned up at the agreed time, explained what he was going to do to repair the wheel, and was really friendly too. I would not hesitate to recommend...

Taka (Mobile Tyre Fitting Edinburgh) - 26/08/2018
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