Winter to Summer Swap Over for a Ford Kuga in Bathgate

With Summer starting to rear its head, more and more people (including myself!) are swapping their winter tyres to their summer set. Normally, through the winter period, people just swap their winter tyres onto their already existing alloys. But, we are starting to see more and more people purchase a new set of wheels so they can easily swap from one to another. Not only this, but, during the winter months quite a bit of salt is placed onto the roads and this can start to eat through alloy wheels so saving the good looking alloys is always a bonus. Picking up a second pair of cheap steel wheels for example (as long as they fit the vehicle!) is a great way to protect your nice and shiny alloy wheels during the harsh winter months.

As a repeat customer, this chap called in and booked himself over the phone in less than a minute. Choosing a date, time and location to suit him, the office sent the order my way. We arrived at the customer's house and performed a free inspection of the vehicle before hand just to check the wear on the winter tyres and also to see if there was any damage, bulges or punctures that needed to be addressed. The winter tyres were perfectly fine and still had enough tread to last a couple more years! We then proceeded to jack the rather large Ford Kuga into the air and place it on jackstands. We removed one wheel at a time and swapped it with the summer alloy.

However, before installing the summer tyre and alloy, they were given a thorough inspection and then placed on our balancing machine. After balancing, the wheel was then popped onto the hub and torqued to the correct setting. This was repeated for all four wheels.


Normally we would take payment via chip and pin. However, with recent events we are taking the public's health very seriously. After completion, we sanitised the locking wheel nut and the customer's car keys. We then took payment over the phone with the customer still in the house. 

If you are in need of a winter to summer swap, need a puncture repair or even a new tyre, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 


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