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As though someone has flipped a switch, the weather has been turned on its head with the sun beaming down and flocks of people heading to the parks. Traffic is steadily increasing as more and more people take to the streets to enjoy the warmer weather. But, for people who have been working on the roads through the pandemic, wearing down the tyres on their vehicles has not slowed down.

This customer had recently called in to book an appointment to change over the two front tyres from a budget brand to a Yokohama as they could foresee themselves driving more miles in the near future. During the phone booking, the customer opted to choose the 195/55R16 Yokohama Blue Earth ES32 tyres as they are a rather quiet tyre at just 68 decibels compared to the competitors.

With the booking complete and the customer choosing their preferred fitting address, date and time, the tyres were ordered.


Upon arrival to the customer's address, we inspected the vehicle for any signs of unusual wear. Although being three years old, it's always best to double check the alignment as hitting a pothole, rock or even a curb can cause the alignment to be thrown out.

Upon checking, the alignment was perfectly fine! In addition, the wear patterns looked normal and there were no hidden nails in the rear tyres. From here, the MINI was jacked up and the wheels removed. With the tyres in the van, the valves were removed, the tyre deflated, and the bead broken. The new 195/55R16 Yokohamas installed, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine.

These were then installed back onto the car, the nuts torqued to the correct setting and a final inspection carried out. Having been in the industry for a number of years now, Tony, our technician, has become quote proficient at changing tyres!

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