How Should You Store Your Winter Tyres? Winter Tyres in Edinburgh.

If you've made the decision to purchase a set of winter tyres for the upcoming colder months, you might be wondering what to do with your summer tyres whilst your vehicle is reaping the benefits of having better grip, shorter braking distances and an all round safer performance on the road.

Hibernating your summer tyres is a relatively simple, just follow these easy steps to have a full set of happy tyres when the following season comes around!

  • DO NOT store your tyres in plastic - this causes the rubber to 'sweat' which will do it no good over the several months it's in storage
  • Instead of using plastic - use a Hessian sack - think back to the sack races on sports day! You can get these cheap enough online and they're the perfect breathable material to keep your tyres in.
  • Keep them in a dark room - for example a garage. It doesn't have to be anything pitch black! Just keep them out of direct sunlight and try to avoid storing them outside!
  • Move them around - every 4/6 weeks rotate the order of the pile, simply move the bottom
    Rotate_Tyrestyre to the top of the pile to give them all equal amounts of pressure! As shown in the image on the right hand side! If you leave them in the same position for the entire winter/summer then it could result in them becoming misshapen.

If you follow the above steps, your season tyres should last you that little bit longer!

Are you thinking of fitting winter tyres to your vehicle?

If so, just give our blog on winter tyres a read by clicking here!

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