Correct Wheel Alignment. It Won't Change Your Life But.......

I had the pleasure of attending (on separate occasions) 2 vehicles in Penicuik, Midlothian over the last week to fit new tyres and check and correct their wheel alignment. A Citroen C5 had it's 2 front tyres worn down to the chords on both inner shoulders so clearly something out of kilter there and then a Ford Focus had it's driver having to hold the steering wheel off centre in order to drive straight. In addition, the Citroen's driver said the car felt very unstable when driving at speeds in excess of 40mph on open roads.

Once the new tyres were fitted both cars received a free alignment check using our industry leading laser Supertracker system and, unsurprisingly, they were measuring considerably adverse to their target setting. 

Because both jobs were being carried out on the customers' driveways, not the Health & Safety hazard of a commercial garage, I was able to let them see and talk them through the results of the check which put them in an informed position to help make a decision on how to proceed.

After carrying out the necessary correction work to get the vehicles back "on track" both owners took their cars out for a test drive and upon return their smiles were beaming. Now clearly this wasn't going to be a life changing event but after considerable time for them both combatting their vehicle's misalignment and now experiencing it driving straight, true and more stable the pleasure of driving had been restored. Add to that the fact that their tyres are now more likely to get a longer life and better fuel consumption due to reduced friction it really was a positive result all round.


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