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TPMS Valve Change for a Ford Ranger

We recently had a customer call in to enquire about his tyre going down frequently. He had jacked up the car and inspected the tyre all the way round but could not find any issues. He called us out to take a look to see if were we able to spot the problem. Normally, it's down to a thorn or nail in the tyre but we removed the wheel from the vehicle and pressure checked the tyre and rim and removed the tyre to double check. Upon inspecting the tyre, I couldn't see any visual signs of entry in the tyre on either side. The tyre was re-installed and pressure tested to see if it was something wrong with the alloy itself. This is when I noticed a hissing sound coming out of the valve stem base. I sprayed on a solution of water and dish soap and there right in front of me was the problem. The stem had become worn and was starting to leak air.


Anything made from rubber can deteriorate over time, that's why we say that you need to change your tyres every five to six years. However, one part of tyre eco system (if you will) that people forget about is the valve stem. On an ordinary car with indirect sensors (in the brake hub itself), we can change the valves in the rims without an issue. This part of the routine of swapping the tyres over. However, when the TPMS sensors are mounted directly on the rim(direct TPMS), things can become a bit tricky as there are many variations out there.

But, as our vans are fully equipped to perform a full TPMS change over, we can change most valves without an issue. Although, when you start enquiring for a Bugatti Veyron/Chiron or a Pagani Huayra, things might start to become a bit more complex.

The bead was broken again and the tyre removed.The TPMS unit was then taken off, taken apart and the stem changed over to a brand new unit. It's not too difficult as it's just plug and play. However, it takes time and a patience.


With the tyre back on the alloy, inflated and balanced, we installed the wheel back onto the Ranger and torqued the nuts to the specification. We hopped into the car and reset the system as the tyres all had new pressures.

If your vehicle needs new TPMS sensors, a reset or a puncture repair, give us a call on 0131 341 3424 or send an email to


New Nexen Tyres for a Ford Galaxy

With the festive period almost over, this customer had opted to treat herself buy purchasing a full set of Nexen tyres for her Ford Galaxy. After placing the order on our website, the office contacted the customer to confirm the tyre size and fitting address. With the confirmation completed, we ordered the tyres and booked the customer in at the requested time.

After arriving at the customer's location, I inspected all the wheels to note any damage. As the customer was swapping over to a new set of tyres, double checked the wear on the tyres to ensure the alignment did not need doing. After jacking up the vehicle and placing it on jack stands, we removed the wheels and placed them onto our bench in the van. The tyres were then removed and the fresh new 225/50 R17 Nexen NBlues' installed. After the installation, the wheels were re-balanced due to the different weight composition of the Nexen tyres.


Moving on from the balancing, I placed the wheels back onto the vehicle and manually tightened the nuts to the correct torque setting. Most of the time, these settings can be found in the manual however with some specialist vehicles, a quick chat with the local dealer can yield great results! After being tightened, we carefully lowered the vehicle back onto the ground and handed the keys back to the customer. Despite the bitter northern winds, I was kept warm and snug with constant cups of tea. To which I say thank you!

If your vehicle needs new tyres, a re-balancing or an alignment, give us a call on 0131 341 3424


Lucky Emergency Tyre Fitting in Edinburgh

A Monday morning in December, one of those days where you want to lie in bed and watch the world go by. But, this customer called in as they had experienced a blown tyre just down the road from their house. After slowly reversing the car back up the drive, he gave us a call and got himself booked in for a couple hours time! By using one of our local suppliers, we were able to source the customer's preferred tyre!

After the inspection, we jacked up the vehicle on the designated jacking points and proceeded to removed the wheels. These were placed on the turn table where we removed the old tyre and inspected the alloy just in case there was any further damage the alloy. There are a number of ways that you can inspect a wheel for cracks; Visual inspection where you clean the alloy and run your hand around the rim. The best way to do this is by taking off the gloves as bear skin can feel cracks and bumps a lot better when there isn't a barrier in the way. The other way is to inflate the tyre just below the maximum working pressure for the tyre. If the pressure starts to drop or refuses to go higher, this can be an indication to there being a crack. However, on some occasions, once this has been completed some cracks don't appear until the alloy and tyre has gone through a couple of heat cycles. But, on this occasion there were no cracks present!


After removing the old tyre, we installed the new 225/55 19 Goodyear Efficient Grip onto the rim and removed it from the turn table. We then balanced the wheel on our mobile balancing machine, gave it a quick scrub and installed it back onto the vehicle. The nuts were then tighten to the factory specification!

A quick and easy task for a Monday afternoon!

If your vehicle needs new tyres, a locking wheel nut removal or an alignment service, give us a call on 0131 341 3424 or send an email to!

A Fleet of Nokian Winter Tyres for Witherbys' Employees in Edinburgh

Witherbys, the oldest maritime publishing company in the world, approved us in regard to changing their employees tyres from summers to winters as they were looking for someone with the convenience of going out to their main office instead of their employees going out to a fixed site and waiting around.

With nearly forty cars in their fleet, it was quite a challenge to tackle, but it was no match for the man from the North! Most vehicles already had their winter tyres in storage however, some needed new tyres. Both myself and Iain (the CEO of Witherbys) swayed towards getting the best winter tyres on the market; Nokain. In addition to meeting Iain, we met the other Iain (project and services manager) who organised the whole event.


Especially up here in Scotland, it's best to swap your summer tyres to winters during the seasonal change as it provides more traction to the road at temperatures below 7 °C, in addition, Nokian tyres have great capability in the snow due to their unique tread pattern. As to be expected, as the company originated in Finland!


After finalising some details with the company, we started booking the employees in through the middle of the week, leaving both Monday and Friday open to the rest of our customers. Overall, we spent around two and a half weeks changing over the tyres for Witherbys employees, although for Hometyre Edinburgh this was just another day's work!

We only hit one small issue during the days in Livingston, the battery did die because we weren't moving about as much… (a quick jump-start later got us back to full strength!).

Just like our domestic customers, businesses are starting to book in for their tyres to be swapped from Summer to Winter tyres.

Everyone at the company were looking at changing their tyres over including the owner, Iain MacNeil with his Range Rover Sport. But some people couldn't make it to the office such as this lady with her Volkswagen UP! As she was on maternity leave, we popped over to her house and changed the tyres on the drive.


If your employees need their tyres changing over, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to today!


Summer to Winter Swap for a Kia Stinger in West Lothian

With the winds howling and the temperatures dropping, the people up north are starting to swap their summer tyres for their winters. This person was no exception! He booked himself in a few months before hand and planned his day accordingly. But why did he decide to swap his tyres over? Well, the temperature drops below *7c, the compounds in a regular tyre start to harden and become less elastic. This doesn't allow the tread blocks to soften and conform to the roads surface reducing overall grip. However, winter tyres retain their elasticity and grip down to well below sub zero temperatures!

We arrived at the customer's vehicle and were greeted by a set of winter tyre's the customer had stored at their house. Before the installation, we inspected the summer tyres for any signs of irregular wear, punctures or anything of note. As the customer regularly checked their tyres, they were in good condition.


After the inspection, we removed the wheels and placed the wheel assembly on our bench where we broke the bead of the tyre and removed it from the hub. We then installed the Nokian winters. The valves were replaced and the tyre blown up to the correct pressure. With the wheel off the bench, we gave it a quick scrub and installed it back on the vehicle.
Using the owners manual, we tightened the nuts to the correct pressure.

Now this customer is set for whatever the winter has installed for them! Unless it's a hurricane, we aren't sure winter tyres can help with that.

Nokian Tyres for a Range Rover Sport

With winter fast approaching, people are starting to swap their summer tyres over to winters. The lady had booked in months ago to avoid the rush! Unlike in many countries, it is not currently a legal requirement in the UK to use winter tyres. Not using winter tyres can dramatically increase the chances of road accidents, and reduce driving safety - especially in the event of a harsh winter similar to those we have experienced in recent years.

This customer opted to swap their summers for winters before the big freeze. However, when he inspected the tyres before our arrival, he noticed that they were starting to perish. Instead of risking a blowout, he opted to purchase a new set of Nokian WR tyres. Nokian are the inventors of winters tyres as we know them today. With his chosen tyre on that van, we headed out to the vehicle at his workplace.


We removed the old 275/45 R21 Bridgestone tyres and from the rims and then installed the new Nokian WR SUV 4 tyres. With the wheel off the installation bench, we gave them a quick scrub to bring them back up to scratch and placed them back onto the balancing machine.

The wheels were then installed back onto the Range Rover. With these tyres, the customer will be ready to face whatever the harsh Scottish winters have to throw at him!

If you're in need of a new set of winter tyres, give us a call on 01743 861183 or send an email in today!


Runflat Tyres for a Mini Cooper Clubman

MINIs tend to wear down their front tyres quicker compared to their rears. This repeat customer booked herself in for two new front tyres on their MINI Clubman Cooper edition. The Pirelli P7 Cinturato Runflat tyres were ordered and loaded onto the van! The next day we headed out to the customer's house where we started work on the large MINI.

Run flat tyres can only be fitted to vehicles with specific wheels suitable for run flat tyres and with an active tyre pressure monitoring system. Typically found on many BMW models, a run flat tyre will support the weight of the vehicle while fully deflated and allow the owner to continue driving for a limited mileage at a limited speed. the down sides to a run flat tyre are firstly the cost, and secondly that once punctured and used, cannot be safely repaired.


Upon arrival at the customer's house, we were greeted with a cup of tea and biscuit. After the biscuit we inspected all tyres to see how they were wearing. If the insides were wearing down faster than the rears, we know that the tracking may be off slightly. In this instance, the car was as straight as an arrow! We proceeded to remove the front tyres and place them on our workbench. The tyres were then taken off and the new Pirelli run flat tyres installed.

A balance and a quick scrub later, we installed the wheels back on the legless MINI!

If you car needs new tyres, an alignment or you need a puncture repair, call us on 01313413424!


Continental SSR Tyres in Edinburgh - 2 new Sport Contact 5 fitted to Mercedes GLA

Hometyre Edinburgh went out to a customer earlier in the week who needed a pair of brand new Continental Sport Contact 5 SSR fitted to their Mercedes Benz GLA.


SSR is a technology by Continental, it stands for 'Self Supporting Radial', the aim of the self-supporting sidewall is to prevent it from being compacted between the rim and the road surface when it is not pressurised.

Rims capable of taking run-flat tyres have an additional inner lip that retains the bead of the tyre, therefore preventing the tyre from slipping off the rim and allowing it to be supported in the event of a puncture.

If you get a puncture when running on Conti SSR tyres you can drive up to 50 miles at 50mph which will allow you to get to a safe place and avoid those expensive recovery costs!

However, as with other run-flat technology if you do suffer a puncture unfortunately it cannot be repaired and having to invest in a brand new tyre.

If you want more information on run-flat tyres or want to book an appointment to get your tyres replaced, call us on 0333 444 5454.


Pirelli Tyre fitted to Mercedes CLS in Balerno

Hometyre Edinburgh got called out to a customer in Balerno who had a puncture in the near side rear tyre of their Mercedes CLS.

The customer had originally booked in through our website, we call every online order we receive just to confirm details of the booking, in this case the tyres on this vehicle are sometimes off-set (different front and rear size) so it was definitely worth a call to the customer to check they had got the size from the tyre with the puncture and to confirm it was a rear tyre.


Unfortunately this puncture was outside of the legally repairable area, so we fitted the Merc with the tyre we had on board for the customer.

A new Pirelli P Zero 285/30R19 was fitted at the customer's work address whilst he carried on with his day, a quick payment taken on the card machine and we were all done!

If you need tyres in Edinburgh and surrounding areas just call today on 0333 444 5454!


It's not too late to think about Winter Tyres!

The lighter nights may be creeping in but we're still experiencing frosty mornings and low temperatures!

Here in Edinburgh one of our repeat customers called us just before Christmas and asked if we could pop round once the festive season was out of the way to swap his summer tyres for his trusty winters.

We made an appointment on a date and to a time to suit him and once the New Year had come around one of our first jobs of the year was this customer!


We fitted his winters from last season, before fitting last year's winter tyres we always check they have adequate tread depth and are not starting to crack and perish. This customer had stored his winter tyres and kept them in great condition so we put them back on the rims and he was ready to hit the cold roads of Edinburgh!

If you have a set of winter tyres in storage and just haven't got around to having them fitted for this winter, call us today! We can come out to your home or work address to cause the least disruption to your busy schedule as possible!

Call us today! 0333 444 5454


New Tyres for Kia Stinger in Livingston

Earlier this week at Hometyre Edinburgh we went out to a customer in Livingston to fit a full set of brand new Nokian Winter Tyres to a Kia Stinger.

The customer sent in an email enquiry to our team in the office asking for some information on winter tyres in a 225/40R19 for the front and a 255/35R19 for the rears, after receiving a quotation they confirmed they would like to go ahead with the Nokian WR A4 to be fitted at their home in Livingston.


Despite being passed the longest day of the year, temperatures have already dropped since we saw the New Year in so having winter tyres fitted to your vehicle is still a very sensible idea! When temperatures are below 7 degrees C the tread rubber will harden and eventually freeze, this means the tyres become much less adaptable to the road surface, resulting in a loss of grip. Winter tyres also help reduce braking distance in icy conditions which can make a huge different in your levels of road safety up in Scotland at this time of year!

If you are interesting in fitting your car with winter tyres, it's not too late! You can have them fitted now and when you need them swapped back for your summer tyres in the spring, you can simply store them and have them swapped back over around October time.

For more information call our team on 0333 444 5454! 


Get Into The Groove! Tyre Safety Month 2018!

It's Tyre Safety Month and here at Hometyre Edinburgh we're doing all we can to promote the importance of CHECKING YOUR TYRES!

Watch this video if you need a little help with how to check yours!


Easter Eggs???

With Easter upon us I thought I'd link it to a bit of topical information about tyre damage. Of course when you live in a city you are more aware of what goes on in it than you are in others but one of the most common comments I hear from customers is that Edinburgh has more than it's fair share of potholes than anywhere else. Right or wrong there is certainly a plague of the little devils inflicting irreparable damage to Edinburgh tyres. For many this manifests itself as instant deflation due to a tear in the sidewall whilst others may remain mobile with a less immobilising but equally as terminal condition commonly referred to as an "egg" in the sidewall.

tyre bulge2_1

The bulge is commonly the size and shape of the top of an egg and is where structural damage has occurred to the tyre and it's strength has been compromised. Don't be fooled just because the rubber looks intact and there is no puncture, this is terminal for the tyre and more sinisterly can be lurking in that dark and unseen world of the inner sidewall or the side of the tyre that faces in to the car.

One thing's for sure, these "eggs' on your tyres have compromised it's safety and should be replaced without delay. The bulge is a symptom of the breakdown of the structural integrity of the internals of the tyre which is where it's reinforcement and strength comes from. The tyre is struggling to maintain the pressure of the air contained within and just a touch from a kerb or further impact from another pothole could well be enough to cause it to give way immediately.

Further to this, whilst driving, the air pressure within a tyre increases due to the generation of heat from the friction created between the tyre and the road, this increase in pressure maybe more than the compromised tyre can handle and ultimately ends in a blow out which, when driving at speed, can have serious consequences.

So in the run up to Easter spend a little time and have your own egg hunt and give your tyres the once not forgetting to check the inner sidewall. If you are unsure just give us a call for some advice and if necessary we can arrange to come around to give you a free tyre inspection. Our mobile tyre service covers Edinburgh, Lothian and Borders so no matter where you are across the region, peace of mind and convenience is literally on your doorstep.


Winter Tyres Still Proving Popular

With some temperature fluctuations predicted and the prospect of a White Christmas diminishing with the predicted "warm" front moving in this week there has been no abatement in the demand for winter tyres across the UK and even without the snow in the Edinburgh, Lothian and borders region it seems many people are playing safe and ensuring their vehicles are equipped to deal with the low temperatures this time of year. Certainly last week there was a significant uplift in their demand and I fitted quite a few sets.

It's not just in snow that you'll find winter tyres are going to improve your car's handling, if you are driving on summer tyres then every degree that the temperature drops below 7°C their performance is compromised whereas if you had winter tyres, below that temperature they are performing at their best.

Winter tyres are an investment but they will extend the life of your summer tyres and, most importantly, the rubber compound and tread design will be working better to keep you safe over the cold and damp winter season.

The main thing is that you take a little extra time to check your tyres out as whilst they may have been alright over the summer it's just quite possible that they may be struggling in the damp slippery conditions that currently prevail and a new set might be in order. If that is the case give us a call and we can discuss your options and we'll ensure you get the tyre that not only suits your demands but suits your pocket as well and as always we'll come to you and fit them at a time and place most convenient for you.


Correct Wheel Alignment. It Won't Change Your Life But.......

I had the pleasure of attending (on separate occasions) 2 vehicles in Penicuik, Midlothian over the last week to fit new tyres and check and correct their wheel alignment. A Citroen C5 had it's 2 front tyres worn down to the chords on both inner shoulders so clearly something out of kilter there and then a Ford Focus had it's driver having to hold the steering wheel off centre in order to drive straight. In addition, the Citroen's driver said the car felt very unstable when driving at speeds in excess of 40mph on open roads.

Once the new tyres were fitted both cars received a free alignment check using our industry leading laser Supertracker system and, unsurprisingly, they were measuring considerably adverse to their target setting. 

Because both jobs were being carried out on the customers' driveways, not the Health & Safety hazard of a commercial garage, I was able to let them see and talk them through the results of the check which put them in an informed position to help make a decision on how to proceed.

After carrying out the necessary correction work to get the vehicles back "on track" both owners took their cars out for a test drive and upon return their smiles were beaming. Now clearly this wasn't going to be a life changing event but after considerable time for them both combatting their vehicle's misalignment and now experiencing it driving straight, true and more stable the pleasure of driving had been restored. Add to that the fact that their tyres are now more likely to get a longer life and better fuel consumption due to reduced friction it really was a positive result all round.


We're Well In the Zone for Winter Tyres

Less than a month to go until mid-winter and it would be easy to think it's probably too late for those winter tyres you've been umm-ing and aah-ing about since the nights drew in and the tee shirts we're packed away. Well trust me it's not too late.

The average temperature across Edinburgh for the last week has been just +5ºC and you can bet the further outreaches of East, Mid and West Lothian it has been less. Below +7ºC regular (non-winter) tyres loose their effectiveness and winter tyres come into their own.

We have a comprehensive range of winter tyres available to suit all budgets so give us a call to discuss your seasonal tyre options. If you already have a set of winter tyres and have still to get them fitted, take the convenient option and book a home fitting through Hometyre.


No Tread Sensors Just Yet

Technology in cars is progressing at breakneck speed, sensors and systems monitor what's happening not just inside your car's engine and drivetrain but many vehicles now have their own spatial awareness and know exactly what's around them and can alert you of impending dangers even before the driver realises they are there.

Tyres have recently been the beneficiary of the development of monitoring systems and every new vehicle must be fitted with a system that monitors tyre pressures and alerts the driver to any variation. Whilst these systems have come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, there has yet to be a system installed in cars that can monitor tyre tread depth. Devices do exist that can examine the condition of a car's tyre tread, but at the moment they are hand held and as such requires a user to scan them over the tyre and they are rather pricey, but safe to say there's no system available that will continually monitor tyre tread condition and warn of an impending change or danger.

Suffice to say for the time being checking your tread depth is something that will continue to be done visually and the only technology you may need to use may be a torch, mirror and a device, such as a 20p coin that can confirm tread depth.


It will require crouching down if you're going to do it properly, a procedure one of my customers in Bonnyrigg, Midlothian hadn't executed fully, much to his misfortune, as the rubber on the inner shoulder of the tyre had worn so much that the reinforcement chords were the only part of that portion of the tyre in contact with the road and, trust me these have no grip and are certainly not airtight. Totally oblivious to this fact, the driver had assumed it was just a routine puncture but on my arrival an initial tyre inspection revealed the Ford Fiesta would be needing a new 205/40/17 tyre as clearly repair was not an option. The good news for this particular driver is we could get him back on the road within an hour with a full tyre report and a recommendation for a further change on the opposite tyre due to the same symptoms.

So until the tyre tread monitoring system is a standard fixture on cars I would recommend a monthly inspection making sure you cover the full width of the tyre, putting the front wheels on full lock will help you get a look at that crucial hidden inner portion. If in any doubt about the roadworthiness of your tyres, give us a call and if necessary we can book in a free tyre inspection and we'll come to you to give you our professional advice.


Rural Tyre Change for a Stable Hand

Looking after horses requires commitment and dedication, looking after a number of horses belonging to other people requires not only the aforementioned but a lot of hard work. I had the pleasure of visiting a Livery Yard in East Lothian to replace two 155/75/14s on a Citroen C1 for the manager of a stables whose early start for the horses and subsequent second job later in the day meant that time to go and get some much needed tyres was not only difficult but downright inconvenient.

We were out in the rural location on a wet and gloomy morning, the two tired and worn tyres were replaced, rotated front to rear for safety and the little Citroen's tyre health was restored and all the equine duties were completed (the latter not by me I must add) as our mobile service delivers the ultimate in convenient and hassle free tyre replacement. 


The TPMS Saga Continues Apace

Last week saw issues with electronic tyre pressure monitoring system valves temporarily disable two car owners vehicles. The issues were temporary because a quick call to Hometyre and we were able to attend both customers, one at home the other at work, diagnose the source of their problems and rectify immediately with minimum fuss and inconvenience and, you can be pretty sure, at a considerable cost saving over the main dealer.

The first customer had a Kia Piccanto in Slateford, Edinburgh who had topped up their tyres with air at a local petrol station and on removing the air hose had inadvertently bent and broken two valve stems.


In this case we were able to replace just the stems on both the affected wheels.

The second car was a Mazda 6 in Tranent, East Lothian where the customer's electronic valve had succumbed to corrosion, the top of the valve had began to crumble and the valve core had also stuck as a result of the corrosion, similar to that in the image below.an56_1b

Unfortunately in this case the stem was an integral part of the unit so it required the replacement of the electronic sender unit which has the valve stem permanently fitted. We were able to supply a new complete valve assembly and programme the new sender unit on site.

So far I have yet to come across a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) valve issue I have been unable to resolve, so if your electronic valves are corroded, broken or just simply not working, visit our website for more information and give us a call on 0333 444 5454


Electronic (TPMS) Valve Rescue

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System valves have stopped a couple of my customers in their tracks over the last couple of weeks. For most car owner these devices will function quite happily in your wheel, monitoring the tyre pressure and alerting the driver should there be a drop in pressure, for an unfortunate few, however, when these malfunction or break, the results can, quite literally, bring you to a grinding halt.

Electronic failure, be it through a low battery or a faulty circuit, can be managed temporarily by taking a manual reading of the tyre pressure with a gauge at the valve, correcting if necessary, then proceeding your journey with caution. A call to us and we can attend your vehicle and replace the valve and electronic unit and your tyre pressure monitoring system will be functioning like new in no time.

Structural failure, usually caused by a snapped and/or corroded valve stem is normally more disabling as it is unlikely that you will be able to get any air to stay in the tyre. A Jaguar owner in Edinburgh had a similar situation last week in that they suspected they had a puncture and called us out to assist them based on that premise. On arrival a leak test discovered that the valve stem had broken about half way up and was leaking air from there rather than a problem with the tyre. As we are equipped to deal with all issues relating to tyres we were able to programme and fit a new valve there and then which ensured the system was restored to full functionality and all at a considerable saving over a main dealer without the hassle of having to take the vehicle into to a garage to have the necessary repairs carried out.


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