TPMS System Repair for a Toyota Auris in Blackburn

TPMS units can be fickle things. This customer called in to see if they could book themselves in for a new unit as air was leaking from the stem.

Upon arrival we inspected all four tyres for any signs of unusual wear or any damage. As stated from the call, the off-side front tyre was down to the floor but, we did note that both rear tyres were wearing quite heavily on the centre line. This is an indication of too much air being pumped into the tyre. It's always good to double check the manufactures specifications before pumping the tyre as slight over inflation is far better than under inflation! Under inflation not only wears down both edges of the tyre but removes the safety barrier between potholes, curbs or sharp objects hitting the rim. This could cause a dent, or at worst, a crack.

With this noted, we jacked the Auris up and removed the front off-side tyre. The valve core was taken out and the bead of the tyre broken so we could get to the TPMS unit inside the rim. Through age, even long lasting TPMS units can start to fail. We tried to save the unit by swapping out the consumable parts (the rubber seals) but, air was still leaking from the unit. In this instance, it would have to be a complete new unit. 99.9% of cars nowadays house a standard TPMS sensor in which we can clone. Once you start getting into your exotic super cars (such as Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Bugatti) it becomes a bit more complex. For this Toyota, it was easy enough to scan the current unit and inject its DNA into the blank replacement unit we carry in our van. Because the new unit carry's the same DNA as the old one, the car will still recognise it. With the new unit installed, the tyre was placed back onto the rim, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine. The air-tight wheel was then placed back onto the Auris, lowered to the floor and the nuts torqued to the correct setting. But, before heading back out onto the road, the TPMS system needs to be reset to calibrate the current tyre pressures.

After completion, we took payment from the customer. Normally we would take payment via our mobile card machine however, with recent events, we called the customer whilst they were inside their house to ensure as little contact as possible. After payment, we sanitised the work area, the locking wheel nut and the car keys.


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