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June 21st marks the summer equinox and the slow decline through summer, autumn then into the depths of winter. Although the effects of Covid-19 seem to be subsiding with more and more people heading onto the roads, we are still finding those who have only just gone back to work and need their summer tyres swapping onto the vehicle. A previous customer with a BMW 2 series called the office and booked in (at a time of their choosing!) for a swap to be undertaken at their home address.

Before booking the customer in, we check the previous free inspection report which stated that the front two tyres were at 2.6mm and needed to be changed soon! During the call to book the customer in, we mentioned the situation and agreed to take two new Pirelli Run-Flat tyres to replace the fronts upon arrival.


Once we arrived, the fronts were worn so much that they were starting to shine from being that bald! The vehicle was jacked up, the wheels taken off and placed in our van for the tyres to be removed. Before placing the winters into storage, we checked the tyres for any signs of cracking, perishing or hidden punctures. Perishing occurs when the natural compounds in the rubber start to evaporate causing the tyre to become harder and more brittle. This is a common occurrence on caravans and vehicles that are static for long periods of time i.e not moving due to lock-down!

After installing the new tyres, replacing the valve cores and balancing, we stored the winter tyres in the customer's shed and took payment on our mobile card machine.

If you're looking at swapping over your winter tyres to your summer set or think your tyres are starting to crack, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!


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