Refurbished Rims in Blackburn!

Hometyre East Lancashire were called out to a customer in Thornton-Cleveleys who had recently purchased a Mazda MX-5 in need of some TLC! The vehicle was around 20 years old and had seen better days, the customer was doing a fair bit of work on the vehicle and one of which was to get the wheels refurbished.

He had taken the wheels to a local place to get them refurbished and when they were returned he didn't trust just anyone to refit his tyres without damaged his spotless rims! He found Hometyre from a Google search and saw we had many years of experience dealing with specialist cars including our fair share of vintage cars so he felt his rims were in safe hands!


On site the customer explained to us how much work he had done on the car, we offered him a free wheel alignment check on the vehicle, after spending so much time and effort getting the vehicle back on the road the last thing he needed was to wear his tyres out so soon! Having correct alignment can greatly increase the life of your tyres and fuel efficiency.

Mobile Wheel Alignment in East Lancashire

One of the mobile services we offer is Wheel Alignment, many static sites offer wheel alignment but it is not so common to be done by a mobile service, bringing wheel alignment to your front door and removing any hassle of getting your vehicle down to a fixed site!

Mobile Wheel Alignment is not impossible, it is simply an investment in the correct equipment and training to carry out the service. We use specialised laser technology and a little bit of clever maths to calculate any movement away from the manufacturer's settings.

Is your vehicle pulling to one side when you drive? Are you getting uneven wear on your tyres? These are both signs of alignment or misalignment issues, call us today to get this corrected at your home or place of work! 0333 444 5454.


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