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Winter Months and Pot Holes

October crept up on us pretty quickly! With the temperatures dropping and winter weather showing signs of being well and truly on the way, we can't help but let our minds drift to the prospect of incoming snow and ice!

Cold weather is one of the main causes of the dreaded pothole, this is because roads are made up of more than just asphalt on the surface, that's just the top layer! Underneath is a thick layer of rocks and soil. The mixture of heavy rainfall and cold winter days results in water seeping under the cracks and freezing. When temperatures start to rise again, the water melts meaning the ground sinks down and forms a pot hole.

Rising numbers of motorists on our roads coupled with dramatic weather changes means British drivers are more susceptible than ever of the dangers and damage potholes can have on a vehicle. Recent figures suggest 52 drivers a day are falling victim to pothole damage with figures suggesting this rate isn't going to slow down anytime soon.


As well as the likeliness of them forming, heavy rainfall during these months also means many of the potholes can be filled with water, causing them to almost blend in with the road surface! Meaning you might not even notice the pesky pot hole until it's too late!

What can I do to minimise the chances of falling victim to them?

Well… apart from avoiding them completely, there are some procedures regarding tyre maintenance that can minimalize the risks of further damage to the vehicle.

Measures to decrease possible damage

Drive slowly!! If you're on a road known for potholes or a particularly damaged stretch of road, SLOW DOWN! Driving at slower speeds will give you a better reaction time to avoid those pot holes and make the impact less severe if you do hit one!

Avoid the edges. Most potholes form at the edges of roads so drive a little out into the middle of the road, where safe to do so of course!

Pay attention - again, this largely comes down to reactions! If you're driving at a slower speed and keeping an eye on the road ahead, you can generally steer clear of them!

Tyre Repair and Replacement Mobile

If you do end up unable to avoid a pot hole and get left with a damaged or blown out tyre - call us! We can often attend same day or next day to get you back on the roads!

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