New Pirelli Tyre for a Bentley Continental GT in Preston

We recently had a customer call in asking for a puncture repair on their Bentley Continental GT. With puncture repair, we always take a spare tyre just in case it's not repairable. Most of the time, the puncture can be repair, it's just on the one occasion it isn't, we don't want to leave you stranded!

Upon arrival, we inspected the vehicle for any wear issues or any other punctures. As this customer thoroughly maintains his vehicle, everything was top notch and the wear patterns were normal. We then proceeded to jack up the heavy metal monster and removed the wheel. 


With the large and extremely heavy wheel in the van, we inspected the tyre for the puncture. Using a mixture of soap and water, we found that a screw had gone in through the side-wall of the tyre. Sadly, this can't be repaired as the repair patch wont have enough surface area to create a good seal. We de-flated the tyre and broke the bead. This allowed us to remove the old Pirelli tyre and install the new 275/35 R21 Pirelli PZERO Bentley Fitment tyre. This was then inflated and placed onto the balancing machine. After a quick spin and weight installation, the wheel was then popped back onto the lop-sided Bentley. We hand-tightened the nuts whilst still in the air, lowered the car carefully onto the ground and torqued the nuts to the correct setting.

Before handing the car keys and locking wheel nut key back to the customer, we sanitised them both and placed them on the doorstep. Normally we take payment via our on-board card machine but, to ensure the safety of others, we called the customer and took payment over the phone.

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