New Nexen Tyre for a Scout Master's Car in Blackburn


Experiencing a blowout is always a horrific experience and can be caused by many factors. Sadly for this customer, they experienced a blowout whilst heading home from work. But, on the up-side, they experienced it just down the road from their house so managed to limp home! 

After a quick call to Hometyre HQ where he chose his preferred brand and time slot, he got himself booked in for a new 165/60 R15 Nexen Tyre.

Upon arrival, we inspected all four tyres (a free routine service). The other three had plenty of tread left and no other issues were found! We jacked up the small Citroen C1 and removed the front near side wheel. This was then placed back onto our bench where we removed the valve core and carefully took the tyre off. As it had been driven on, the tyre was actually in two pieces! Sadly, this does pose a bit of a challenge as the cords in the tyre are razor shard and quite stiff. But, with a bit of time, some elbow grease and a helping hand from a pair of bolt cutters, we removed the cords and final pieces of tyre. Before slapping the new tyre back on, we always check the alloy for any damage that might have occurred whilst the customer drove on a deflated tyre. Thankfully there was no structural damage but, there was some visual damage where the paint had been worn away. This wont effect the ability of the wheel. The new tyre was then popped onto the wheel and given a balance. We then popped it back onto the vehicle, hand tightened the nuts and then torqued to the correct setting. 

With recent events, we are taking the publics health very seriously. As we have a card machine on the van, we can take contactless or chip and pin payments. However, in these times, we always call the customer from a safe distance and ask for the details over the phone. This helps to reduce contact and keep you guys safe! After payment, we sanitised the keys and locking wheelnut and placed them on the door step for the customer to collect once we were departed. 

If you need a new tyre, a puncture repair or a wheel alignment, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to! 


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