Michelin Tyre and a Valve Replacement in Preston for a SEAT Ibiza

We recently had a customer call in to book their mother in for a puncture repair on their SEAT Ibiza. As the customer's mother was in self-isolation, he thought it best to get the tyre sorted by giving us a quick call! During the call, the office asked for the size of the tyre and if the customer had any preferred brands. As the lady wanted a tyre that was great for long distances but also kept the noise down, a Michelin Energy Saver+ was chosen.

Upon arrival to the customer's house, we inspected all four tyres and noticed that both front tyres were completely flat. The lightweight Ibiza was then jacked up and placed on jackstands. We then removed one of the front wheels and placed it on the bench in our van. The tyre was then inflated and spritzed with soapy water to try and find the air leak. Unfortunately, the leak was coming out of a slash in the side wall of the tyre. As this can't be repairable, we deflated the tyre, broke the bead and remove the old tyre. With any puncture repair, we like to take a spare tyre just in case. In this instance, the customer chose a 175/65 R15 Michelin Energy Saver+ which we then popped on, inflated and balanced.


The new wheel and tyre were then installed back onto the Ibiza. We swapped round to the other side and removed the other deflated tyre. This is where we encountered the problem of the second tyre, the valve core had become rusty and was leaking air! Before we popped a new core in, we broke the bead on the tyre and inspected the bead seal and inside of the tyre, just in case there was another issue present. After being given the all clear, we popped the tyre back on the wheel, installed a complete new valve, inflated and balanced. This was then popped back onto the Ibiza and the nuts hand tightened before lowering to the floor and torquing the nuts to the correct setting.

With the publics health at our top priority, we take many precautions to ensure our customer's health is not affected. In regards to payment, we have a card machine on the van but, we can take payment over the phone whilst the customer is inside. Also, the locking wheel nut and car keys are completely sanitised before handing back.

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