General Grabber GTs fitted to Audi Q5

I received a call from a friend of an existing customer who was looking for a full set of 4x4 tyres for her Audi Q5, she was looking for some advice on a good brand to put on her vehicle without breaking the bank!

We asked her to describe an average day of driving to us and what sort of price range she was looking at. She said she was hoping to get a decent mid range tyre, suited for both road use for when she had to do the school run but also some off road characteristics as she lived out in the sticks and often had to fight her way down muddy country lanes!


After having a chat we suggested General would be a good choice, they offer a range of 4x4 tyres suited to different on-road/off-road capabilities. General are a part of the Bridgestone family and also manufacture car tyres, although as a company in the UK we rarely see anything other than 4x4 tyres coming into stock from the brand.

The most common tread patterns we see are the General Grabber GT and the AT3, in this case we advised the customer to fit the GTs to her Q5, this is because they are a [1] on the off road rating which means they are aimed more at road use but do have some off road capability. The General Grabber AT3 has a much more aggressive tread, rated a [6], the tread grooves are much wider and tread blocks are much larger, allowing them to perform better on looser surfaces, such as an off road track.

We carried out the fitting at the customer's work place in Nelson, once all tyres were fitted, balanced and the wheels left sparkling clean we took payment on our chip and pin machine and the customer was left to carry on with his busy day!

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