Caravan Tyres and Tyron Bands in East Lancashire

Our head office received an online chat message from a customer in Chorley last week regarding replacement tyres for his Caravan, he explained they needing replacing due to the DOT code. The DOT code is used to tell the age of a tyre, this is something many caravan owners often do not know.


Due to caravans doing limited mileage, the tyres rarely need changing due to low tread, we take phone calls every day from customers who do not realise the average age of a tyre should be around 5 years and once they become older than this you should really look into replacing them.

How old are my tyres?

You can tell the age of a tyre by checking the DOT code (date stamp) it is a series of 4 numbers for example [1217], in this case the 12 represents the week of the year and the 17 represents the year 2017. So this tyre was made in the 12th week of 2017, which was the week commencing 20th March. For more information on checking your tyres just click here.

This particular customer was keen to know the DOT code of the tyres before we came out to him, absolutely no problem! We ordered the tyres in and as soon as they arrived with us we called the customer and informed him they had been made within the past 6 months and he was happy to go ahead with the fitting.

Can you remove and refit TYRON Bands?

In this particular case the customer had Tyron Bands fitted to his Caravan, Tyron Bands pretty much do what they say on the tin! They keep the TYRE - ON in the event of a blowout. They are a great option if you want the added safety and peace of mind of knowing your tyre will stay on under such circumstances. For more information on Tyron Bands just click here! We are fully trained fitters and can come out to your home or work to fit them to your caravan or motorhome!

Mobile Tyre Fitting - Caravan Tyres

The customer could not have been happier with the service, the ease of getting his caravan tyres changed on his driveway was a new experience for him and he has already recommended us to his friends! He was happy that he didn't have to waste his time either taking the wheels off himself to get down to a fixed site or even make the effort to tow the caravan down to his local garage.

The next day we received an email from the customer, it's always a great feeling when we get feedback like the one shown below and It just goes to show how important high levels of customer service are.

Davina. Chris from Blackburn came yesterday to fit my caravan tyres. He is obviously a dedicated sand skilled person, who was most helpful, and fitted the tyres effeciently and quickly. I will certainly recommend Hometyres to caravan owners who will not have the problems of having to take their caravan to tyre fitters, or remove them themselves. Well worth it. Also I appreciated your telephone call, it shows interest and a more personal contact. Thanks.

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