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Runflat Goodyear eagle tyres and a wheel alignment in Darwen.

Two 255/35/18 Goodyear runflat tyres supplied and fitted on a BMW 4 series  in Darwen near Blackburn. Tyres fitted at the customers home address, the tyre were badly worn on the inner tread, after fitting the new tyres we checked the wheel alignment.

Once set up with the laser supertrakker it was obvious the alignment needed adjusting. We are finding that a lot vehicles are suffering from the widespread issue of potholes. Especially around the East Lancashire region this is a common problem. Hometyre recommends if you have any encounters with the dreaded pothole issue you should check for any obvious signs of damage to the tyres. And when possible get your tracking/wheel alignment checked.

Please call on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454. 


Caravan tyres in Blackburn

Even though we are still getting wintery weather and supplying winter tyres, we are starting to get enquiries for caravan tyres.

Two 175/80/14 Event commercial tyres supplied and fitted on a caravan in Blackburn ready for the Easter break. The tyres taken off were 8 years old, even though they looked ok to the naked eye we and the caravan clubs recommend you replace them every 5 years. One of the main reasons for this is that the caravans stand for quite some time especially over the winter months.

We supply and fit tyres at your home or storage compound, so you don't have to go to the trouble of having tom hitch up the van and take it to a static site.

Please contact 0333 444 5454 for friendly advice. 


Winter tyres fitted in Blackburn on a Mercedes A class

Four Pirelli Scottozero 3, 225/45/18 tyres fitted in Blackburn just in time for the customer to travel to Shropshire. It had been snowing for the past three days causing severe disruption across the country. Around the Blackburn and Burnley areas people had been cut off the last two days.

The customer was unable to get on her own drive the previous night with summer tyres on. So winter tyres were a must as the customer was about to travel to Shropshire to her daughter's wedding as soon as I had fitted the tyres.

We supply and fit tyres for all occasions, summer or winter. Call for free friendly advice on 0333 444 5454


Pothole Vs tyre on a Ford C max in Burnley

A Ford C max with winter tyres hit a pothole on a road between Nelson and Burnley. The hole was so large the tyre split on the sidewall rendering it un-repairable.

A new 225/50/17 budget winter tyre was supplied and fitted the same day at the customers home in Burnley. The stocks of winter tyres have dramatically reduced in numbers over the last couple of weeks due to the snow and icy conditions.

Hometyre East Lancs is a mobile tyre fitting service, so if you have a puncture or your tyres need replacing we come to a place that suits you.

Please call for all your tyre needs on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454


Two tyres and a tracking on a Fiat Qubo in Accrington.

The customer had a blow out on the M65 near Accrington the previous night and had to be recovered. Two budget Three A tyres were ordered, on inspection of the tyres it was very obvious the wheel alignment was out by a considerable amount. 

The 195/55/16 tyres were fitted and the wheel alignment adjusted back to the manufacturers setting. The tyres that had been taken off were only fitted ten months previous and only done 4k miles but had 6mm of tread from the middle to the outer tread. This issue should of been picked up sooner saving the customer a new pair of tyres.

Free honest advise call Hometyre East Lancs  0333 444 5454 


Puncture repair on a Freelander in Grt Harwood

A Pirelli Scorpion Verda  was ordered to replace a tyre on a Landrover Freelander in Grt Harwood but once we had checked the tyre and offending object it was apparent it could be repaired safely.

The screw was in the middle of the tyre which had 3mm of tread left. Honest advise in regarding that the new tyre was not needed saved the customer the cost of a new tyre.

The tyre was safely repaired and all tyres checked for pressure and tread wear. The customer was happy and will be using Hometyre when the two tyres on 3mm are ready for replacing. 


BMW X5 Tacking in Nelson

A customer with a BMW X5, after fitting two mid range 275/35/20 Nexen Nfera SUV tyres  needed the wheel alignment checked. The reason being a static well known tyre company supposedly had recently re aligned the tracking. 

A free service we offer is to check every vehicle we fit tyres too where possible. On this occasion the wheel alignment was out by a considerable amount. As you can imagine the customer was not happy. After a bit of investigating it was obvious that the the tyre company had not even attempted to the work as the track rod arm nuts etc had never been touched.

The customer will be taking this up with them, if no joy they will be contacting Hometyre East Lancs to do the job correctly and professionally. 

For all your tyre needs contact us on 0333 444 5454 


Maxxis Tyres On A BMW 4 Series In Barrowford

A customer with a BMW 4 series needed four new Maxxis VS01's 225/45/18 in Barrowford near Nelson. The car had Pirelli P7 runflat tyres fitted. The front tyres had been driven on underinflated for a long period as the damage on the inside was quite severe.

The tyres where fitted outside the customers offices saving him precious time, having no need to leave work. Mobile tyre fitting at a time and place that suits you.

Tyres supplied and fitted across the East Lancashire corridor.  


Is it a puncture !!!!!!

Do you have a tyre that you constantly have to keep putting air in it? Its quite alarming how many people do. We often get that conversation but the customer refuses to believe it could be a puncture of some sorts.

Whether its an object that's penetrated the tyre itself or a leaky rim, it could even be a valve that's leaking. A whole number of issues that could be causing the tyre to deflate. A general rule of thumb is if its losing air its got a problem. 

Hometyre East Lancs covers the whole East Lancashire corridor, from Salmsbury to Kiegthley and all the towns and villages in between . Our services  include tyre replacements, wheel alignment (tracking) locking wheel nut removal, basically anything tyre related.

Locking wheel nut removal is a common occurrence, where people lose or misplace them. On a couple of occasions the car has been in for repairs or a service and the key has not been put back the car. This a very common problem and it is left to the customer to sort and foot the bill. 

We supply and fit all the regular branded tyres from the budget Three A or Event right upto the top premium such as Pirelli, Bridgestone and Michelin. From the regular trailer and caravan tyres to the very nice Porsche and Bentley type vehicles.

We have  a fully equipped  service van so that we can come to you at a place and time that suits your busy schedule. No waiting around for an hour or so in a static garage with grubby waiting area. The convenience of carrying on with your day wins everytime.

We offer a free tyre and safety check with no obligation.

Almost forgot to mention that Hometyre East Lancs  as been nominated for the Ribble Valley friendly business award for the third year running. Very proud and honoured as its the customers who nominates us for this award.

For free and very friendly advice call 0333 444 5454 


new TPMS stems on a Bentley

A Bentley Continental with a flat tyre, the owner woke to find he had a flat tyre. After a quick search on Google he found Hometyre East Lancs. Mobile tyre repair and replacement specialists. Only 10 minutes away from Darwen.

 We arrived a replacement Pirelli P zero 275/35/20 in case the tyre was not repairable. The car had just been in for wheel refurb. After taking the wheel of it soon became clear it was leaking from the TPMS [tyre pressure monitoring system]. We took the tyre off the rim to see that not only it had not been tightened correctly but it had also been damaged.

Not what the owner was expecting on his pride and joy. After a thorough check it turned out that all the stems needed to be replaced through neglect and poor workmanship. Thankfully we carry stock of TPMS stems and sensors with a full diagnostic tool which can reprogramme and diagnose any faults or issues.

Needless to say the wheel refurbishment company will not be getting any referrals from the owner. Bentley's are not cheap and the refurbed wheels cost a packet too. All the stems where damaged and leaking, with the customer travelling to the lake district the next day they could of been in  a right pickle.

For any TPMS issues call on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454.

We come to you. 


Spring is in the air.

Its still March but customers with caravans and motorhomes are busy getting ready for the forthcoming season. We are starting to see a number of enquiries and bookings regarding tyres and Tyron bands.

We offer the convenience of these services being done at home or the storage site, even at the touring site where possible. We have large selection and sizes for all makes and models of caravans and motorhomes. Tyres such as Maxxis and Hankooks from the mid range section are very popular. Event tyres are also popular with the cost conscious too.

Tyron bands are an amazing piece of kit for the safety conscious. these are becoming a must especially for the single Axel. The best way to describe them is to say that they are seated on the rim where the is a cavity which designed so that the tyre can be fitted or removed. The Tyron bands are bolted into position so that if the tyre becomes deflated it has nowhere to go. This means you can travel to a safe area without the tyre coming the off rim, which can in some cases stop the caravan from overturning.

Hometyre East Lancs covers East Lancashire area where there is a number of touring and camping sites. The Ribble valley itself has some beautiful sites with amazing walking and outstanding views.

Whether its replacement tyres or punctures, we come to you. The thought of having to take your beloved caravan or motorhome to a static site is a time and stressful occasion.

For free and friendly advice call on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454


What we do !!!!

Its been a busy week in the East lanc's area doing all things tyre related. The services we offer to our customers were put to the test this week.

Two leaking alloy rims and new Goodyear tyres replaced in Barrowford near Nelson. A very nice Mercedes CLS had a blow out  in Bury, but also needed his locking Wheel nuts removed has he had lost it. He swears blind that the last time he had seen it had been when he had a puncture repaired at static garage, [the that fits tyres fast]. This car needed all four tyres replacing. All with Pirelli Pzero's 285/30/19 on the rear and 255/35/19 on the front. It soon became apparent that the wheel alignment was neede to be reset. Three of the tyres were badly worn on the inner edges of the tread. Almost the works!!

In Great Harwood a lady who was responding to a good friend who had been taken ill during the night hit a kerb and blown two tyres. The car was only three weeks old and only done 530 miles. The tyres were damaged beyond repair. Two new Michelin Energy + were fitted within two hours of the first phone call.

Two budget tyres and another locking wheel nut removal on a Corsa in Burnley. Same has the previous customer the nut seemed to of gone missing after a visit to another well known static tyre garage.

Another customer in Haslingden Rossendale hit a huge pothole on her mission to rescue her friend which had hit the same pothole. Unfortunately her friend damaged two tyres and to be recovered. A single Maxxis tyre was fitted and a wheel alignment check done.

A couple of punctures, one of which the screw was to close to the edge of the tread which deemed it unrepairable in Blackburn and Clitheroe.

All in all a selection of what we do. Hometyre East lancs, the mobile tyre fitting/specialist coming to you at home or place of work.

For free friendly advice call 0333 444 5454 


Cost having no spare.

Two customers in consecutive days have unfortunately had punctures. When we take the wheel for inspection both occasions the tyres could of been repaired. The first one was a new car to the owner and had not checked if it came with a spare or not. The car had a tyre foam/weld but had been used previously and not replaced.

Because it was late at night they had no alternative but to drive on the punctured tyre rendering it ruined and able to be saved. A new tyre was ordered and fitted at the customers house in Darwin.

The second customer to have a flat tyre [at night again] noticed his TPMS warning lighting up on the dash. Topped up the air at a garage only to notice it flashed up again on his way home from work. I went to the customers aid on the outskirts of Great Harwood only to find that had tried to use the can of foam which came with the car. This was only six months old but still failed to work as he could not get it go into the tyre. 

Luckily Hometyre East lancs who covers this area was able to get to the customer before he drove any further. Saving him the cost of a new tyre.

Every customer we come across that have this system are furious that the car doesn't have a spare or even a space saver. The car manufactures are intent on making the cars lighter and more fuel efficient. But we believe this is one area they should change back.

A lot of cars nowadays are multi purpose and people want seven seats, so this will always make it difficult to accommodate. 

Hometyre can supply and fit new tyres across the East Lancashire, whether its budget tyres or mid range and top premium tyres. WE are a mobile fitting service to suit a time and place that's convenient to you. But when the occasion arises we com to your rescue.

For any advice or help call on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454. 


Happy new year, stay safe.

Hope everyone has had a great Xmas and ready for the new year. What about the new year resolutions? are you sticking to them?

We all do it, set of with good intentions, but life in general sometimes gets in the way.  The main objective is to stay healthy and safe. Whether its eating better or cutting out the alcohol.

At Hometyre East Lanc's our passion is about staying safe too. Our fondness for all things round and rubbery which are the only things that keep you on planet earth once you get in to your cars.

Regular checks should be done on your tyres regardless of the time of year but with the weather always worse at this time tread depth should be paramount. Depending on the owner of the vehicle and the usage ie: weather its popping around town or long distance to what tyre is best.

We supply good quality budgets, mid range and up to top end premium tyres such as Goodyear and Michelin. We offer free tyre and safety checks if you are not sure what to look out for, also at offices we can do your whole staffs cars while they carry on working.

We are based in Wilpshire on the outskirts of Blackburn and we cover the East Lancashire area. We do everything tyre related like puncture repairs, locking wheel nut removal and full laser wheel alignment. From 10inch up to  24inch rims. But the biggest thing is that we come to you saving you time and money.

If you are unfortunate to have a puncture do you have a spare?  Most cars now are not fitted a space saving tyre/wheel not to mention a full size one. Most are now fitted with TPMS [tyre pressure monitoring system] and come with a tin foam.

For all tyre related needs  please call for free friendly advice and help on 033 444 5454.


Pre Festive Tyre Safety Checks.

Its that time of year again when everyone is gearing up [did you see what I did there] for the Xmas break   Either they are rushing around for the last bargains . Or the lucky ones are just winding down for festive break.

Some are travelling to see family members, or even a holiday away . Whichever one of these category's you fit in don't neglect the importance of making sure your  vehicle is fit and road worthy.

Its so easy to forget to check the oil, windscreen wash are topped up. But more importantly your tyres have the correct pressure and appropriately  right amount of tread. Are the tyres legal? are they wearing evenly etc.

Finding the time to do these things can so easily be overlooked. At Hometyre believe these are paramount and should be done on a regular basis. We understand that everyone have such busy lifestyles these days and the family car can be the first to be overlooked. Because we are passionate about all things round and rubbery we take the stress out of that for the customers. We come to you which frees up your time, like having to sit in a grubby waiting area. OOOh the thought of that makes you shiver....

We also offer free tyre and pressure safety checks on a regular basis across the East Lancashire corridor, whether its a family run around or a fleet of vehicles, saving you time and money.

For any free advice please call 0333 444 5454.

Wishing you all merry and safe Christmas and a prosperous new year. 


Tyre pressure's

After being invited on the local Ribble valley radio show to discuss the benefits of winter tyres and why we should swap for the winter period. We got onto the subject of tyre pressure's and the importance of having the correct pressure.

The radio presenter Kath Lord Green or KLG in radio talk, mentioned that her TPMS warning light came the other day. Straight away she new the correct thing to do was to check the pressures. After three attempts to find a working pressure gauge in the nearby petrol stations in Ribble valley. The gauge which did work was very stiff and she was unable to use it correctly. A nice gentleman offered to assist her inflate the tyre which was only slightly under pressure.

After the show I offered to check all the tyres for pressure and tread depth. This is one of Hometyre East Lancs is passionate about and does on a regular basis in the surrounding areas. Three tyres were on 28psi and the one which the kind fella inflated for her had 60psi in.

Now was this a case of faulty equipment or someone not really bothered about putting the correct amount in the tyre.?

I immediately put the right amount of air in the tyre and  checked for any safety issues.  The front tyres had 4mm of tread and the rear had over 6mm of tread left.

The moral of this story is to regular check your tyres if possible, if not get Hometyre East Lancs to check for free.

Call on 0333 444 5454 


TPMS warning,puncture or pressure issue?

After the TPMS warning light repeatedly coming on the owner of the 6month old Range rover called us out to investigate. Hometyre East Lancs are equipped with the latest diagnostic tool. The customer had the vehicle back to the showroom but to no avail.

We fully checked the tyre pressure monitoring system[TPMS] even the battery status. We quickly found that two tyre pressures were on 26psi two on 28psi,hence finding no fault at all. We inflated the tyres to the correct pressure which straight away solved the warning light issue.

Hometyre as a whole thoroughly check al the tyres for on every occasion, after doing so we noticed that the front near side tyre had a large bubble on the outer side wall. This issue is caused by hitting a kerb or something similar. After speaking to the customer and explaining the findings she remembered hitting a kerb trying to miss a wheelie bin. [I didn't ask].

A new Pirelli Scorpian Verdi all season 245/55/18 was ordered and fitted within 2hours. And issues were solved.

For any free friendly advice on TPMS or anything tyre related please call free on 0333 444 5454 


P zeros for a RS3

Two new Pirelli P zeros needed for a 65 plate Audi RS3 after only 8ooo miles. The question was is it the tyres? After looking at the badly worn tyres and a few questions about driving tchniques used, it became apparent that the tyres where not at fault. 

On this version of the RS3 it had 235/35/19 fitted to the front and rear. The rear still had 5mm of tread left. But the main attributes to the demise of the tyres was the country lanes around the Ribble valley. Not only does it have beautiful landscapes and scenery but roads that resemble rally tracks.

Another big issue was that the tyres were under inflated, which over a period of time led to the tyres being worn on outer edges. The tracking was checked free of charge and found to correct, which unusual considering the amount of pot holes in the Lancaster region.

Hometyre offer a free tyre and pressure check.If you would require us for this or any other tyre related service p;ease call on mobile friendly 0333 444 54 54


Unbalanced Run Flat Tyres Causes a Mellor Client the Shakes

A regular customer in nearby Mellor Nr Blackburn called to ask if I would check the balancing on the car his partner had just bought. They said it was badly vibrating on the motorways.

When I had arrived I obviously did a routine check of all the tyres. The car had runflat Goodyear and Pirelli on the front, with slight wear on the off side front Which indicates the wheel alignment needs to be checked also.

When I had got to the rear tyres the garage that sold the car had replaced both tyres. Which is good thing, but the problem was that they had replaced them with standard non runflats. After informing the customer of this issue he contacted the garage straight away. They said it was a genuine mistake. The other issue of bad vibrating was that the new tyres had not been balanced when fitted.

If a vehicle in this case a BMW 1 series cabriolet is fitted with runflat tyres from the manufacturer, it will have no spare. The tyres are made so that if you had a puncture etc you are able to drive on the flat tyre for around 50 miles to get you to a safe place.

Two new 225/45/17  Goodyear Efficient grip[runflats] have been ordered and the wheel alignment to be checked at the same time.


Pot luck with potholes !!

A customer in near by Brock-hall Village hit a huge pothole and subsequently had damaged the nearside front tyre on his Range Rover. These vehicles are built to go off roads etc, so it was quite a shock to find the amount of damage to not one but both front tyres.

At a cost of around £200+ it was hardly surprising the owner was not happy. Luckily he had Hometyre East Lancs number who was able to source and replace the tyres the same day.

The vehicle had no spare so was very happy that we are a mobile tyre fitting service which covers the whole the east Lancaster district. The state of the roads in this region are quite shocking with a huge number of complaints regarding tyre and vehicle damage.

We are a fully equipped mobile tyre fitting service that not supply and fit tyres but also can repair punctures [where possible]. We can do on site full four wheel laser tracking, locking wheel nut removal and we supply and fit tyron bands for caravans etc.

The Range Rover had two new Continental cross contact 275/ 45/20 fitted, thankfully no damage was found on the the alloys.

For any help or advice please call on mobile friendly 0333 444 5454. 


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