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Mobile Tyre Fitting following the UK Lockdown in East Lancashire

Can I get my tyres changed during lockdown?

The answer is yes! To make things even better, you don't need to leave the comfort and safety of your own home to do so. Here at Hometyre East Lancs, we are able to bring the tyre fitting to your driveway we offer a contactless tyre fitting service in Blackburn, Preston and surrounding areas, keeping the risk to both you and us to a minimal.

We have remained operational on the road throughout the Coronavirus pandemic and have constantly been improving our service and doing all we can to be as contact free and safe as possible.

Although MOT expiry dates are being extended by 6 months, your tyres will not wait for 6 months! If you're still driving your vehicle during the pandemic, you still need to ensure your tyres are above the legal tread depth of 1.6mm. For more information on when you need to change your tyres, click here.


If your car has been sat on your driveway in Blackpool, Burnley or anywhere in East Lancs for the past 12 weeks and you're thinking of heading out on a maiden voyage post lockdown, it is worth taking a few minutes to go outside to your vehicle to give it a once over, one of the most important parts of which is… check your tyres!

If your tyres are looking a little flat or you're concerned about a potential puncture or valve issue, give us a call! We can come to your home address and carry out a tyre inspection

You can book a tyre fitting by using the search box at the top right hand side of the page or simply call our team on 0333 444 5454 if you have any questions regarding a mobile tyre fitting in East Lancashire.


TPMS System Repair for a Toyota Auris in Blackburn

TPMS units can be fickle things. This customer called in to see if they could book themselves in for a new unit as air was leaking from the stem.

Upon arrival we inspected all four tyres for any signs of unusual wear or any damage. As stated from the call, the off-side front tyre was down to the floor but, we did note that both rear tyres were wearing quite heavily on the centre line. This is an indication of too much air being pumped into the tyre. It's always good to double check the manufactures specifications before pumping the tyre as slight over inflation is far better than under inflation! Under inflation not only wears down both edges of the tyre but removes the safety barrier between potholes, curbs or sharp objects hitting the rim. This could cause a dent, or at worst, a crack.

With this noted, we jacked the Auris up and removed the front off-side tyre. The valve core was taken out and the bead of the tyre broken so we could get to the TPMS unit inside the rim. Through age, even long lasting TPMS units can start to fail. We tried to save the unit by swapping out the consumable parts (the rubber seals) but, air was still leaking from the unit. In this instance, it would have to be a complete new unit. 99.9% of cars nowadays house a standard TPMS sensor in which we can clone. Once you start getting into your exotic super cars (such as Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Bugatti) it becomes a bit more complex. For this Toyota, it was easy enough to scan the current unit and inject its DNA into the blank replacement unit we carry in our van. Because the new unit carry's the same DNA as the old one, the car will still recognise it. With the new unit installed, the tyre was placed back onto the rim, inflated and balanced on our mobile balancing machine. The air-tight wheel was then placed back onto the Auris, lowered to the floor and the nuts torqued to the correct setting. But, before heading back out onto the road, the TPMS system needs to be reset to calibrate the current tyre pressures.

After completion, we took payment from the customer. Normally we would take payment via our mobile card machine however, with recent events, we called the customer whilst they were inside their house to ensure as little contact as possible. After payment, we sanitised the work area, the locking wheel nut and the car keys.


Puncture Repair for a Skoda Yeti in East Lancashire


We recently had a customer call in asking for their car to be booked in for a puncture repair. As they were in self-isolation, they would require the car to pop out to get food. During the call, we asked the customer for the tyre size and a preferred brand, just in case the tyre was not repairable. As he normally would do a small amount of mileage per year, he opted for the 225/50R17 Nexen NFERA SU1 which is a fantastic mid-range tyre. 

Uppon arrival, with any job, we inspected all four tyres for wear and to see if any others were damaged. On this occasion, all four tyres were wearing evenly apart from the front near side tyre which had a slight balding on the central tread. This is due to the tyre being over inflated. 

Before raising the Skoda, the nuts were loosened slightly. Then, the little Skoda was then jacked into the air and the front near side tyre removed completely. The wheel was then placed on the turn table in our van ready for inspection and a possible puncture repair. A quick visual examination of the outside of the tyre revealed a nail in the central tread, the angle was almost 90* to the tyre so there was a good chance that it was repairable. The valve core was removed and the bead of the tyre broken so we could get inside the tyre. We popped the nail out, cleaned the hole and brushed some rubber cement around the area before pulling through the puncture plug from the inside. To ensure the best seal possible, we rolled the patch to remove any air bubbles. Before installation back onto the rim, the alloy was given a quick check-over for any possible damage or corrosion. Everything was good to go. The tyre was re-installed back onto the rim, the valve core swapped out for a new one and the tyre inflated. Before popping back onto the vehicle, the wheel was re-balanced.


After the puncture repair, the repaired tyre was placed back onto the wheel hub, the nuts hand tightened and lowered back onto the floor where we could torque the nuts to the correct setting.

Before the pandemic, we would take payment on our mobile card machine. However, to protect the public's health, we now take payment from a safe distance over the phone. The locking wheel nut and car keys were sanitised and placed on the customer's door step ready for collection.

If you're in need of a puncture repair, a set of new tyres or even a wheel alignment, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to


Michelin Tyre and a Valve Replacement in Preston for a SEAT Ibiza

We recently had a customer call in to book their mother in for a puncture repair on their SEAT Ibiza. As the customer's mother was in self-isolation, he thought it best to get the tyre sorted by giving us a quick call! During the call, the office asked for the size of the tyre and if the customer had any preferred brands. As the lady wanted a tyre that was great for long distances but also kept the noise down, a Michelin Energy Saver+ was chosen.

Upon arrival to the customer's house, we inspected all four tyres and noticed that both front tyres were completely flat. The lightweight Ibiza was then jacked up and placed on jackstands. We then removed one of the front wheels and placed it on the bench in our van. The tyre was then inflated and spritzed with soapy water to try and find the air leak. Unfortunately, the leak was coming out of a slash in the side wall of the tyre. As this can't be repairable, we deflated the tyre, broke the bead and remove the old tyre. With any puncture repair, we like to take a spare tyre just in case. In this instance, the customer chose a 175/65 R15 Michelin Energy Saver+ which we then popped on, inflated and balanced.


The new wheel and tyre were then installed back onto the Ibiza. We swapped round to the other side and removed the other deflated tyre. This is where we encountered the problem of the second tyre, the valve core had become rusty and was leaking air! Before we popped a new core in, we broke the bead on the tyre and inspected the bead seal and inside of the tyre, just in case there was another issue present. After being given the all clear, we popped the tyre back on the wheel, installed a complete new valve, inflated and balanced. This was then popped back onto the Ibiza and the nuts hand tightened before lowering to the floor and torquing the nuts to the correct setting.

With the publics health at our top priority, we take many precautions to ensure our customer's health is not affected. In regards to payment, we have a card machine on the van but, we can take payment over the phone whilst the customer is inside. Also, the locking wheel nut and car keys are completely sanitised before handing back.

If you're looking for a new set of tyres, a puncture repair or a wheel alignment, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to


New Nexen Tyre for a Scout Master's Car in Blackburn


Experiencing a blowout is always a horrific experience and can be caused by many factors. Sadly for this customer, they experienced a blowout whilst heading home from work. But, on the up-side, they experienced it just down the road from their house so managed to limp home! 

After a quick call to Hometyre HQ where he chose his preferred brand and time slot, he got himself booked in for a new 165/60 R15 Nexen Tyre.

Upon arrival, we inspected all four tyres (a free routine service). The other three had plenty of tread left and no other issues were found! We jacked up the small Citroen C1 and removed the front near side wheel. This was then placed back onto our bench where we removed the valve core and carefully took the tyre off. As it had been driven on, the tyre was actually in two pieces! Sadly, this does pose a bit of a challenge as the cords in the tyre are razor shard and quite stiff. But, with a bit of time, some elbow grease and a helping hand from a pair of bolt cutters, we removed the cords and final pieces of tyre. Before slapping the new tyre back on, we always check the alloy for any damage that might have occurred whilst the customer drove on a deflated tyre. Thankfully there was no structural damage but, there was some visual damage where the paint had been worn away. This wont effect the ability of the wheel. The new tyre was then popped onto the wheel and given a balance. We then popped it back onto the vehicle, hand tightened the nuts and then torqued to the correct setting. 

With recent events, we are taking the publics health very seriously. As we have a card machine on the van, we can take contactless or chip and pin payments. However, in these times, we always call the customer from a safe distance and ask for the details over the phone. This helps to reduce contact and keep you guys safe! After payment, we sanitised the keys and locking wheelnut and placed them on the door step for the customer to collect once we were departed. 

If you need a new tyre, a puncture repair or a wheel alignment, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to! 


New Pirelli Tyre for a Bentley Continental GT in Preston

We recently had a customer call in asking for a puncture repair on their Bentley Continental GT. With puncture repair, we always take a spare tyre just in case it's not repairable. Most of the time, the puncture can be repair, it's just on the one occasion it isn't, we don't want to leave you stranded!

Upon arrival, we inspected the vehicle for any wear issues or any other punctures. As this customer thoroughly maintains his vehicle, everything was top notch and the wear patterns were normal. We then proceeded to jack up the heavy metal monster and removed the wheel. 


With the large and extremely heavy wheel in the van, we inspected the tyre for the puncture. Using a mixture of soap and water, we found that a screw had gone in through the side-wall of the tyre. Sadly, this can't be repaired as the repair patch wont have enough surface area to create a good seal. We de-flated the tyre and broke the bead. This allowed us to remove the old Pirelli tyre and install the new 275/35 R21 Pirelli PZERO Bentley Fitment tyre. This was then inflated and placed onto the balancing machine. After a quick spin and weight installation, the wheel was then popped back onto the lop-sided Bentley. We hand-tightened the nuts whilst still in the air, lowered the car carefully onto the ground and torqued the nuts to the correct setting.

Before handing the car keys and locking wheel nut key back to the customer, we sanitised them both and placed them on the doorstep. Normally we take payment via our on-board card machine but, to ensure the safety of others, we called the customer and took payment over the phone.

If your car needs a puncture repair, a Winter to Summer swap over or a puncture repair, why not give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email to


COVID-19 Update - Hometyre East Lancashire



Hometyre East Lancashire remains fully operational throughout the lockdown, we are offering a mobile tyre service across Blackburn, Preston, Blackpool and surrounding areas. However we are prioritising front-line NHS, police, fire and ambulance workers.

If you have or know anyone that has a dependency on a vehicle for essential supplies, visiting elderly, with *urgent* tyre issues, please forward them to us on 0333 444 5454 or book in via our website

In the meantime, take care and stay safe, from all of us at Hometyre.



Four New Aplus Tyres for a Caravan in Burnley

With the spring flowers starting to bloom, we are seeing more and more people enquire about tyres for the caravan or motorhome. With all commercial tyres, we try to get the youngest tyres possible. But, we only know the date codes once they are delivered to us. Upon delivery, we call the customer to relay the information. This customer had noticed their tyres were starting to crack as they were nearly ten years old (!). They gave us a quick call and we got them booked in at their preferred date and time.


Much like cars, caravans have specific jacking points under the sub-frame. Before jacking, we asked the customer to ensure everything inside was secure as, sometimes, the caravan needs to be jacked quite high on one side in order to remove the wheel. With everything in order loosened the nuts then lifted the caravan and installed a jackstand to support the weight whilst we lifted the other side. The nuts were then taken completely off and the wheels completely removed. One by one the wheels were placed on the turntable in our van where we broke the bead, removed the old tyre and installed the new 175/65 R14 APlus A867. This caravan did not have Tyron bands fitted but, if it did, we have all the tools and training needed to remove and re-fit them during the installation process of the tyre!

The freshly coated wheels were then popped back onto the caravan. It was then lowered back down onto the floor where we could torque the nuts to the correct setting.

If your caravan needs new tyres, a Tyron Band or even a puncture repair, don't heistate to give us a call on  0800 783 9310 or send an email to!


Two Front Yokohama Tyres for a Lotus Elise

The Lotus Elise, one of the most fun track cars a human can purchase, with the Ariel Atom and Ultima being reserved for the aliens among us. This customer primarily used their Elise for track events and noticed the front tyres were becoming bald. Being a track day vehicle, the Lotus requires more specific tyres compared to a normal road going tyre such as the Pilot Sport 4S. The customer currently had on Yokohama A052s and wanted to go for them again. However, most manufactures have stopped producing this size as there are no more cars being manufactured on a 175/55 R16 and thus no more tyres :(

But, most older generation Elise owners are opting to change the profile to a 195/50 R16 as there is a huge array of tyres in this size because MINI's, Fiestas and Peugeot come with this from the factory. Although this gives us a massive range of tyres to choose from, tracking down a Yokohama A052 is a feet in itself! But, with the great relationship of our suppliers, we tracked a pair of tyres down and ordered them for the customer. To fit the customer's busy schedule, he asked if he could get himself booked in for a weeks time.


With the tyres on the van, we headed out to the customer's house. As the customer has a few different vehicles, before we started work on the Lotus, we inspected the other vehicles to assess their wear patterns and tread depths. Because the customer checks the tyres regularly, everything was looking normal but, the classic Mini might need to be looked at in the future as the inside of the tyres were wearing slightly quicker than the outside. Like all Lotus vehicles, the Elise needs to be jacked up on special points, clearly marked by a sticker on the underside of the monocoque. Jacking in the wrong location, much like a Tesla, can cause irreversible damage to the vehicle. Despite being a lightweight track orientated sports car, the removal method for removing the tyres is almost identical to that of a Ford Fiesta. We placed the alloy onto the turntable, broke the bead and removed the worn tyre. As a couple of chords were showing, we had to be extra careful as these can pierce our gloves and cause a nasty cut! The new Yokohama was lubricated to make installation easier and installed back onto the alloy, inflated to the correct pressure and balanced on our balancing machine.

The freshly coated wheels were then placed back onto the Lotus and torqued to the correct setting! The alignment was then double checked just in case.

If your vehicle requires specialist, unusual or rare tyre, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to!


TPMS Reset and System Check for a Nissan Qashqai in Leyland

We recently had a customer call in to ask us out to look at her TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) as it had flagged a low tyre. But, after checking all four tyres, she noted they were all perfectly fine.

During the inspection process of the vehicle, we look at the wear of the tyre, any signs of damage and the age. The most common issue that we come across is uneven wear on the tyre. This can be down to the alignment but can be corrected in a short amount of time. More information on alignment can be found here! However driving style and regular checking of pressures can also be a factor!


After the inspection of the vehicle, we knelt next to each wheel and scanned for the existing TPMS sensor. By scanning the valve , we can see which unit has the fault. This resulted in the near side front wheel throwing multiple error codes .When we scanned the unit. Before going any further, we scanned a working unit (from the opposite side) to verify the fault.


With the car jacked up, we removed the wheel, placed the tyre and wheel assembly on our turntable and broke the bead. We then slid the TPMS sensor out of it's carrier, scanned the unit and injected it the 'DNA' into our scanner . We then used this DNA to reprogram a blank unit . The new unit was then popped back into the carrier and the bead reinstalled. As part of the service, we re-balanced the wheel as sometimes, it can be slightly out. And re installed the wheel assembly to the vehicle We lowered the vehicle back onto the ground where we could torque the nuts to the correct specification. Before handing the vehicle back to the customers, the vehicles TPMS system was reset from inside the vehicle. This just calibrates the units and ensures they are reading the correct pressures. After the reset, the customer was sent on her way with full confidence that there would be no issues with the system. Unless she encountered a puncture or a burst tyre, the system would then flag immediately


If your TPMS system needs to be reset, recalibrated or needs a complete overhaul, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email to


All Season General Tyres for a Land Rover Discovery!

Wherever you may be in the UK, the weather can change at a moments notice. Sometimes it can be glaring with sun but with the flick of a switch, rain cats and dogs. During these oddities, having summer tyres on and then encountering a sodden road can become a bit challenging as all the tarmac oils have risen to the surface and cause the tyres to skitter about. Less so with Winter tyres. But, all season tyres tent to combine the compound of a summer tyre with the tread pattern of a Winter tyre helping to increase stability during these occasions.

Upon arrival, we had a brief chat with the customer who explained that he occasionally took the car over a caravan site that can have tent pegs sticking out. Before going any further, we inspected the tyres for any unusual damage, punctures or uneven wear. In this instance, as the customer often checked his vehicle, we found no damage and the wear was fairly even although might need to be aligned within the next year or so.

The car was jacked up and placed on stands whilst we removed the wheels and placed them on the turn table in our van. The old tyres were then removed and the new 255/55R18 General tyres installed. This was then placed onto the mobile balancing machine and any balance issues corrected! Stepping off the van, the wheel was then placed back onto the car and torqued to specification. Despite being massive chunky tyres, these took less time to install than smaller car tyres!

If you're in the market for all-season, summer or winter tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email to


A Full Set of Excelon Tyres for a Vauxhall Corsa

With the festive season behind us and our wallets dry, purchasing a new set of tyres will be the last thing on anyone's mind. However, it doesn't mean you should stop checking the tread depth on the tyres. This customer checks her tyres monthly to ensure she isn't hit with any unexpected penalties or blown tyres. After dropping just below 2mm, she gave the office a quick call and booked herself in for the next day.

After the tyres were delivered to us in the morning, I loaded them onto the van and headed out to Burnley to track down the little Corsa. Upon arrival, I inspected the tyres to gauge how they were wearing. Although the car was relatively new, the tracking was off slightly and causing the tyres to wear quicker on the inside of the tyre (the bit closest to the vehicle). Before providing the free check, we decided to swap over the tyres.

Jacking any vehicle up is always a tricky process. But, as long as you know what you're doing, everything will be fine! I first placed the jacking boards under the vehicle to provide a level surface, located the jacking points and started the lifting process. Some vehicles including Tesla have specific jacking points to ensure the technician doesn't jack through the battery! After jacking one side of the vehicle, we placed the Corsa on jack stands and removed the wheels. These were then placed on the turn table in our van and the tyre removed.

Before the installation of the new tyre, we inspected the rim for any visual cracks, dents or marks that could cause problems in the future. With the all clear, the new Excelon tyre was installed, balanced and given a quick clean. The rim and tyre were then placed back onto the vehicle and the nuts torqued to specification. The same process was repeated all the way round the vehicle.

Before sending the vehicle on it's way, we installed the alignment gauges to see how out the alignment was. It did need adjusting. As it hadn't rained for a few days, I crawled under the vehicle and started adjusting the track rod end to bring it back into specification. Although the bolts were slightly seized, we left the WD40 to penetrate for five minutes, came back and adjusted the tracking. Completing the tracking within a few minutes, the keys were handed back to the customer and asked if they could do a quick test drive. Quite often after a wheel alignment, the customer reports it feeling massively different! When driving around for a couple years, you wont notice the tracking change as it's so subtle. But, as soon as the tracking is overhauled, you notice immediately!

If your vehicle needs a wheel alignment, new tyres or a check, don't hesitate to give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email to!


Replacement Goodyear Eagle F1 Tyre for a Seat Leon in Preston

With Winter quick approaching, more and more people are starting to find out that their tyres need replacing. Whether it be checking the tread depths over the weekend or spinning at a round about. This customer checked his tyres over the weekend and found that one was starting to become perilously low on tread. After calling the office and booking himself in later that day, we ordered the tyre and set about loading the van. Just to be safe, we ordered a second tyre as the customer did comment on the other side looking a bit low. Upon arrival, we inspected the tyres for their current wear status, any damage or punctures. Thankfully, the inspection resulted in a pass with the front near side tyre being the one that needed replacing. The other side (the one the customer mentioned might need replacing as well) still had 4mm of tread which is still plenty! After the inspection, we removed the front near side tyre and placed it on the turn table where we broke the bead and removed the tyre. Just to be safe, we inspected the alloy for any damage. With the old tyre off, we installed the new 225/40 R18Y Goodyear Eagle F1 tyre. With the wheels back onto the vehicle, we strapped the alignment gauges on and checked to see if the alignment was within tolerance of the manufactures specification's. In this instance, it was perfectly level and didn't need adjusting. This free check can be selected on our website when ordering tyres! If your vehicle needs an alignment check, new tyres or a puncture repair, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email to today!

Two Bridgestone Tyres for a Volkswagen Passat in Whalley

With the snow threatening to blanket our lands any day now, more and more people are checking their tyres to see how they are wearing. This customer was not exception! After seeing that their tyres were just on the legal limit (1.6mm) they called the main office and got themselves booked in for myself to come out to them. After choosing their preferred date and time, the office ordered the tyres and booked them in!


Upon arriving at the vehicle, we inspected all the tyres to see how they were wearing. After producing the report, we jacked the vehicle up, removed the front two wheels and placed them on our turn table. Using the bead braker, we removed the old tyres and installed the new Bridgestone T005's. After the installation, we balanced the wheels on our mobile unit and placed them back onto the vehicle. We then tighten the nuts to the specified torque setting.

After installing the new tyres, we put the laser alignment gauges on the vehicle to check how accurate the alignment was. This is a free service and can be done on most vehicles! If the vehicle did need adjusting, it would have been an additional charge. But, in this instance, the alignment was dead on so we left the customer to it!
We completed the job with ease, said our goodbyes to the customer and headed out into the big wide world.

If your vehicle needs new tyres or the alignment checking, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email in today!

Two Nexen Tyres for a Volkswagen Scirocco

Why Volkswagen decided to stop producing the Scirocco is beyond my knowledge as, personally, I think they are a fantastic car! This lady in Higham called in as her two front tyres were starting to wear down beyond the point of no return.

As the lady tended to drive in a spirited fashion, she opted to go for the more performance orientated Nexen, the NFera SU1. Nexen tyres are one of our biggest sellers for good reason. As they don't advertise their products very much (in Europe) they put their money into R&D which very much shows when you start driving with their products fitted.

We arranged a date and time convenient with the customer, loaded the tyres on the van and headed out.

Upon arrival, we inspected the vehicle for anything of note; whether it be a crack in the sidewall or a nail embedded on the centre of the tyre. This customer's tyres were all fine and dandy so we moved on to removing the fronts for the swap over. Placing the wheel carefully on the turn table, we broke the bead of the old tyre and removed it from the rim. After inspecting the inside of the alloy for any corrosion or damage, we installed the new 235 35 R19 Nexen NFera SU1 tyre.

Before we installed the wheels back onto the vehicle, we had a quick chat with the customer about the benefits of swapping the new tyres to the rear of the vehicle. The reason we suggest this is that due to the weight of the engine and the downforce at the front of the car, the front tyres naturally have more grip. However, the rear tyres need as much grip as possible due to less weight being over the rear. This is why we suggest the swap over.

With the new tyre installed and the front to rear swap complete, we handed the keys back to the customer and headed back on the road!

If your car needs new tyres, or you're looking for true all season tyres, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send over an email!


Mobile Summer to Winter Tyre Swap in Lancaster

With winter already bearing its fangs, our customers are starting to swap their tyres over just to be prepared for the worst to come. Although we hear constant news of "the worst winter in 20 years", it never seems to delivery. But, it's good to be prepared. This customer was prepared as they had purchased a second hand set of alloys and had already put their winter tyres put on two years ago. We arrived at their house and inspected the summer tyres before removal. On the outside, they all seemed perfectly fine. The tyres were wearing evenly and there were no visible signs of damage. However, as we took the wheels off, we started to notice that the insides of the tyres were wearing quicker than the outside. Not too much to feel, but clearly visible with the tyres taken off. We removed the summer tyres on our turn table to inspect the insides of the tyres just to be safe. Thankfully, all were fine and it was just outside wear. After the thorough inspection, we re-balanced and inspected the winter wheels before they went back on the vehicle. After a quick scrub, we installed the winter wheels on the car and put the summer tyres back into storage.

Tyron Bands for a Brand New Caravan in Preston

Tyron are becoming more popular than ever due to their ability to help prevent caravans or trailers from tipping over when they experience a blow-out. 
After the bands are fitting on the seam of the wheel, they help stop the tyre from coming completely off the wheel.

This customer had booked us in to come out and fit new bands to their caravan as they had recently experienced a blow-out on the motorway. With the Tyron bands on board the van, we headed out to the customer the next day. Upon arrival at the caravan site, we noticed that one of the tyres was deflated. Before removing the tyre to see what has caused the rapid deflation, we inspected the other tyres to measure their tread depth and age. Everything was perfect, plenty of tread and they were just over two years old. Tyres still in their prime!


We prioritise the deflated tyre and removed it from the caravan. After removing the tyre on the bench, we inspected the inside of the tyre for any outstanding issues. After all the inspections were complete, the conclusion was that the tyre was not seated on the alloy correctly! Before reinstalling the tyres, we installed the Tyron bands. Because these alloys were a slightly different internal structure when compared to standard alloys, we had to install 'bridges' across the gaps.

With the new Tyron Bands installed, we cleaned and inspected the tyres and put them back on. The wheels were given a quick clean and then placed back onto the brand new caravan. This customer can now rest assured that if they do encounter a blow out, they will be perfectly safe!


Stanley Knife Removal for a Ford Kuga

Punctures can come in all shapes and sizes. From nails to thorns or bolts to sticks. We're seen it all. But, what we have not seen is a Stanley knife still stuck in the central tread of the tyre.

If the puncture is more than 6mm wide and the entry angle of the puncturing object does not allow for safe and proper seating of the stem and patch, it won't be repairable. But, if you think it's repairable, check here!

Upon arriving at the customer's location, it was immediately obvious as to what had caused the puncture, a bright yellow Stanley knife. We removed the wheel and tyre and inspected the inside and out to see if it was repairable. Unfortunately, as the gash was so long, we weren't able to repair the area. But, if we had used multiple staples, hot glue and some luck, it should have been fine.


Before we arrived to the customer, we gave them a call to confirm that if the tyre was unrepairable, we would bring a spare tyre just in case. We took the tyre size, preferred brand and provided the customer a quote.

After removing the old tyre, we inspected the alloy to ensure that nothing had damaged the integrity. With that clear and perfectly circular, we fitted the new Nexen 235/55 R17. After a balance and a quick scrub, we installed the new wheel onto the Ford Kuga.

Back on the road within the hour, the customer was delighted!

If your tyre has picked up a knife, bolt or thorn, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 or send an email today!


Ten Inch Tyre Fitting for a Trailer

From classic Mini 12's to mahoosive 24 inch tyres that can be found on Range Rovers. With the equipment on board our van, we can fit all in between. But, when a customer came to us about 10 inch tyres for their trailer, we thought outside the box, rearranged our equipment and said that we can indeed put their tyres on for them.

Upon arrival, we inspected the trailer before taking off the old wheels to see if there was any uneven wear. As most trailers are single axle, we can't check the alignment. However, if it were to be a twin axle trailer, we will be able to take a look at the alignment. However, as they don't have track rod ends, we won't be able to adjust it!

Back to the tyres, the old Hankook tyres were removed from the alloy by hand instead of on the machine. By hand! This method was incredibly labour intensive but, we don't change any more. It just takes a bit more time! With the tiny 10 inch tyre off the alloy, we inspected the inside for any corrosion. With none spotted, we installed the new 195/55 R10 tyres (again, by hand!). Installed and cleaned, the wheels were then balanced and installed it back onto the trailer.

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New TPMS Valve For a Nissan Qashqai

TPMS valve replacements are often seen as quite expensive, when this customer went to Nissan directly they quoted him £150 ex VAT! However, even though we have all genuine parts on board our van, for us to replace the valve is only £45 inc VAT. A massive saving for this customer. In addition, we came out to them on their drive! After quoting the customer our price, we got them booked in for the next morning.

Upon arrival to the Qashqai, we inspected the tyres to see if there was any uneven wear or anything that stood out. There was only one issue that we came across; Both sides of the of all four tyres were wearing down at the same rate and not evenly across the tread. This is due to under-inflation of the tyre. With all the tyres, bar the one we were just about to work on, pumped up to the correct pressures, we proceeded to remove the one wheel with the leaking valve.

The wheel was then placed on our work bench where we popped the bead and removed the old valve and stem.

TPMS Valve Stem

With the new valve and stem replaced, the tyre was popped back into place and given a quick scrub. We put the new wheel back on the car and asked the customer to give it a quick test drive. After the drive, we checked the pressures of all the tyres. As everything was up to scratch, there we no loss of pressures.

If you need new TPMS valves or stems, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send over an email!


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