Noise Cancelling Tyres and the Pursuit of Complete Silence

Road noise from cars has always been an issue. With the recent advent of electric cars and the pursuit of a silent car being more prominent, the hunt for the quietest tyre is still burning in the eyes of the manufactures. Evolution of rubber compounds in the tyre is constant but there is only so much you can do within. You need to look beyond.

If you have ever seen an anechoic chamber or a recording studio, you may have seen the walls plastered in odd shaped patters of foam. The foam captures and distorts the noise that is emitted from the object overall reducing the emitted noise. This technology is slowly inserting itself into other platforms such as smart phones but in this application, it is used on premium tyres.


For brands such as Pirelli, you can now find an inch thick layer of dry foam applied to the inside of the tyre (see the below image). Most garages will not be able to fix this as it's rare, unusual and not financially viable. However, with our depth and breadth of experience, we can safely repair punctures in these tyres.

At the end of the day, it's a normal standard tyre with foam glued to the inside. To fix a puncture, the foam just needs to be peeled back, the puncture repaired as normal and then the foam glued back into place.

Common car manufactures to find this technology on are Tesla, Performance Audi vehicles and Land Rover Range Rovers.

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