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The first snowfall for the year is predicted to happen next week and as we are already seeing frost on the ground, it's time to start wrapping up and swapping over to the winter tyres (Or at least checking your summers for enough tread!)

Summer tyres are great for gripping on warm tarmac but not so great for temperatures below 7°C. But why? Winter tyres have slightly more silicone added to their mix to decrease the rate at which they harden in lower temperatures. Having more silicone makes the tyre more flexible and thus can grip the road more, think of a spider creeping it's way up the road. Winter tyres also typically have more tread grooves and sipes (grooves within the tread blocks) which allow for greater flexibility.


On the flip side of being able to grip the nooks and crevasses of the tarmac more, using winter tyres in the summer can increase their wear.

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This customer had recently called us to book an appointment to swap their summer tyres to their stored winter tyres that were already on winter wheels. Upon arrival we inspected the summers for signs of unusual wear and the general conditions of the tyres. This was noted in a report which would be sent to the customer after the job had been completed.


Using rubber mounts on the jack to prevent damage to the jacking points, the heavy Range Rover was lifted into the air and placed on jack stands where we removed the summer wheels. Before installing the winters, they were re-balanced, inspected for any punctures/damage and inflated to the correct pressure. From here, they were installed onto the hub and the nuts hand tightened before lowering the whole vehicle back onto the floor where the nuts could be torqued to the correct setting.

If you've got a set of winter tyres or winter wheels and need them changing over, why not book an appointment through our friendly sales team on 0333 444 5454 or send an email to!


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