Why am I experiencing vibration when I drive?

Hometyre HQ received a phone call from a customer in Keswick last week who was experiencing vibration when driving at both high and low speeds, she explained she had briefly checked her tyres and they looked "ok".

We explained it may be down to a balancing issue or possibly it could be connected to wheel alignment (otherwise known as tracking), either way we would be happy to go to the customers home to have a good look and find the cause of the vibration!

Reasons for vibration through your steering

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing - our mobile tyre fitting vans have full balancing capabilities, they are fitted with computerised electronic wheel balancers, and it is done by applying weights to the wheel to even out any uneven distribution of weight. In the wheel rim and tyre Failure to balance will often result in vibration through the steering wheel so is a good place to start!

Damage to the rims

If there are cracks, breaks or bends in the rim this could also cause the cars transmission to detect vibration, this is something that would need to be fixed immediately. If you continue to drive on the damaged rim it will not only cause damage to the tyre but can affect the suspension and potentially the body work of the car.

Defect tyres

If your tyres have been wearing unevenly this could also cause vibrations and cause the car to pull more to one side. The reason for this uneven wear could have come from misaligned wheels or incorrectly inflated tyres . We offer a fully mobile Wheel Alignment service here at Hometyre and are able to carry it out at your home, work or any location of your choice, saving you a lot of money in the long run!

What had cause this particular customer's car to vibrate?

In this case when we took off the two front tyres to inspect them, we found the outer edge of the tyre had ample tread remaining, however the inside edge was uncovered as shown below…


This customer had worn the inside edge of their tyre down to the wire and chords , rendering he tyre illegal under current UK legislation , this is incredibly dangerous for both them and other motorists on the roads. Not only could this have led to a blowout and a potential accident but if she was found with this level of, or lack of, tread, it may result in up to a £2,500 fine and 3 points on her license for EACH tyre in this condition.

We replaced both front tyres for the customer and adjusted her wheel alignment. This will not only keep her safe on the roads but will also vastly improve the life of her tyres.

If you're experiencing vibration when you're driving, don't leave it this late! Call Hometyre today and we can get your local technician out to you at a time and date to suit you.

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