Wet Tyres in Cumbria

Picturesque and tranquil. Two common words commonly used when describing the Lake District. However, there is a third. Wet. Wet is probably the best word to use when describing the area. Known for the rolling hills and glorious roads, rain on the ground is a common site.

Now, when your tyres are starting to wear down, you may notice some wheel spin when pulling away from a junction. In the wet, this is made even worse as the water is unable to disperse. Below is a graph representing the stopping distance vs the wear on the tyre. The recommended time to change tyres is when they reach 3mm. As shown on the graph, once hitting 3mm, the stopping distance is increased exponentially.


Whilst the recommended time to change a tyre is 3mm, the legal limit is 1.6mm. If the police encounter a tyre below 1.6mm, they can issue a charge of up to three points on the license and up to £2,500. This is per tyre. Depending on the situation, if all four tyres are illegal, the total fine could be 12 points on the license and a £10,000 fine.


But, what makes a good wet weather tyre?

There are a few different factors when it comes to good tyre performance in the wet. See below for the main one.

Tread pattern.

The best pattern to disperse water is the directional pattern. As the tyre rolls, it pushes the water from the centre towards the outside. However, these tyres are becoming out-dated and rare due to manufactures shifting towards the asymmetric patterns. These combine the best of water dispersion, summer performance and are generally a quitter tyre compared to the direction.

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