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Have you ever considered putting part worn tyres on your car? The pull might be the reduction in price, that short term saving could land you with a long-term risk.

By buying a part worn tyre, you're investing in something in which you have no idea of its history. The image shown below is a photograph I've taken myself of a tyre that has come off a car which was completely written off. To look at this tyre, there are no punctures and no visible damage. However, if you look at the small part of the car you can see in the background, it has been in an extremely severe accident.


Tread depth on Part Worn Tyres

A brand-new tyre, even a budget, will come with around 8mm of tread on it, which is significantly greater than the legal limit of 1.6mm, a part worn tyre could come with anything as low as this. Tread depth is the crucial factor in what gives the vehicle its grip to the road surface, remember your cars tyres are the ONLY point of contact with the road, meaning they are crucial in maintaining safety, handling and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

As well as visible tread depth, mileage is another factor, something we cannot visually see a record of. With a part worn tyre, you have no clue into how many miles that tyre has already driven and how much 'time' you have lost from its use.

Once you do some simple maths and calculate the number of miles a part-worn tyre will offer you compared to a brand-new tyre, you'll soon see part-worn tyres are far from cost effective in the long-run!

The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

A shockingly high percentage of part worn tyres have potentially life-threatening defects, head over to TyreSafe's website to read more on how dangerous these tyres can be or watch this short video.

Think of both your own safety and the safety of others on the road around you and AVOID part worn tyres. Give us a call today or have a look online today, if you're wanting to keep costs down, simply opt for a budget option.


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