Nexen Tyre Replacements in Keswick for a VW Transporter

Despite people doing less and less mileage during the pandemic, this customer had been heading out every day. Upon inspection of their tyres, they noticed they had all worn down to the wire so gave us a quick call to get booked in for four tyres.

At the crack of dawn, I arrived on site, met with the customer and set about inspecting all the previous tyres. During the inspection, I noted that the front alignment was slightly off as the inner tread was wearing down quicker than the outer tread. After the inspection, the van was chocked and jacked up where we removed the wheels one by on.


The wheel was placed onto the work bench in our van where we removed the valve core and deflated the tyre. This was subsequently placed onto the bead breaker where we removed the old tyre. Before the installation of the new tyre, the rim was inspected for any signs of corrosion, dents or general damage. In this instance, the wheel was perfectly fine and installed the new tyre. The valve core was replaced, the wheel balanced and given a quick clean to remove the old brake dust.

This process was repeated for all four wheels and soon the Transporter looked great with its new shoes installed!

After installation, the van was taken to a flat area ready for the alignment to be checked and adjusted. The gagues were popped on, the settings checked and then the track rod ends adjusted to the manufactures recommended setting.

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