How Are Light Commercial Tyres Different? | Hometyre Light Commercial Tyre Fitting in Cumbria

Comparing a car to a van is like comparing an Apple to a Banana. Yes, they are both fruit but both are completely different! Due to this, tyres installed onto a commercial van need to be different to that of those fitted on a car. But how different?


Weight is the main factor. Depending on the commercial vehicle, these tyres need to be able to withstand up to 1.5x the load of a normal tyre. To help achieve this, more ply layers are used in the tyre construction subsequent making the tyre quite a bit firmer. This also means that the tyre can be inflated to a greater pressure to help distribute the load.

Tread pattern is also different when compared to a car tyre. Wet weather performance is favoured compared to that of fuel economy. Vans are typically large, heavy and quite cumbersome and fuel economy is the least of their worries. These commercial patterns help to disperse water more effectively and provide more traction to the road!

Currently, the biggest market for commercial tyres is the budget sector. But why? High mileage ensures the tyres are worn quickly, the occasional bump on a curb also doesn't help!

We're able to fit tyres to light commercial vehicles up to 3.5 tonne so if you're in need of a new set or a puncture repair, why not contact our friendly sales team on 0333 444 5454 or send an enquiry to!


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